Vauxhall / Opel is offering the Corsa-e as a more toned down looking electric city car for those who think the Peugeot e-208 looks a bit over the top. Both cars are nearly identical in terms of chassis and powertrain, though, and here’s all you need to know about driving and charging the Corsa-e.

With its simpler, less futuristic look, the Corsa is clearly aimed at more traditionalist buyers for whom the e-208 is too much to bare, yet they still want a small electric hatchback to drive around in. If you think the idea of switching from gasoline or diesel to an electric car, Vauxhall has uploaded this video to highlight how the Corsa-e works and what you need to do to charge it.

This video is aimed at those who are not familiar with EVs in general; maybe someone who is trading in an older Corsa for a new one and they’re unsure whether to opt for the Corsa-e or another internal combustion-engined variant. It goes through all the different driving modes, the differences between it and the regular Corsa, as well as the task of charging it which may seem daunting for those who have so far not experienced it.

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