Folks on our shores may already be aware of the Toyota bZ4X electric crossover, which has also been recalled for various reasons. However, this recall applies to the Toyota bZ3 electric sedan available in China.

Toyota showed off its upcoming bZ3 electric car in October 2022 as the company began to tout its shift to more electrification in its global lineup. The electric sedan followed the bZ4x electric SUV to market.

Toyota, along with the help of China's FAW-Toyota, has issued a recall for over 12,000 bZ3 EVs. The recall pertains to defective rear door handles. The massive global carmaker developed the bZ3 as part of a joint partnership between FAW-Toyota and BYD, named BYD Toyota EV Technology.

Toyota's bZ (Beyond Zero) lineup of electric vehicles share platform and powertrains. For example, the Subaru Solterra is essentially and Toyota bZ4x. However, Electrek notes that the Toyota bZ3 happens to have a uniquely modern and high-tech interior as compared to the other models.

The company started producing the bZ3 in March, with 5,000 early orders. Deliveries began on April 16, 2023. Now, just a few months later, FAW-Toyota is recalling 12,205 bZ3 electric sedans via China’s State Administration for Market Regulation. The vehicles in question were produced between March 13 and July 5, 2023.

The bZ3's doors could unexpectedly open while driving. They could also remain locked, though it's rare. Due to its faulty design, there can be a gap where the handle meets the lock, especially in areas with high humidity and hot temperatures.

Starting in a few days (July 27, 2023), Toyota will begin replacing the rear door locks free of charge. In the meantime, the company asks that owners don't use the doors until after they're fixed.

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