Nostalgia has always played a major role in the buying preferences of people. Whether it comes to cars like the Ford Bronco, or motorbikes like the Triumph Thruxton, having a throwback appeal has always been desirable. The case is true in the world of electric bicycles. Nowadays, sleek and streamlined e-bikes inspired from designs of the sixties and seventies are all the rage among city commuters.

German e-bike specialist Hercules leverages on nostalgia with its newest Prime E5 e-bike, however, it takes a slightly different approach. Instead of drawing inspiration from the world of cycling, it’s inspired by the old gas-powered mopeds. Featuring a compact design, the Prima has its battery pack housed on the front portion of the frame, making it look like the fuel tanks of mopeds of yesteryear. Of course, no one will be fooled into thinking that this two-wheeler is actually a moped, but the design language is clear to see.

E-Bike Brand Hercules Presents The Prima E5 Moped-Style Electric Bicycle

Indeed, Hercules has loaded the Prima E5 with modern-day technology. For starters, it’s powered by the Bosch Performance Line e-bike system, one of the most reliable and robust motors in the e-bike space. Battery-wise, we’re looking at a standard 545-watt-hour powertube which should be more than enough to provide decent range for a couple days’ worth of commuting. On top of all that, the Prima E5 boasts a surprisingly versatile frame, capable of hauling up to 150 kilograms – contrary to what its diminutive size would have you believe.

At the back, a handy luggage rack is integrated into the frame. You can easily strap a couple of duffel bags or a little basket for your daily errand runs. It rolls on fat Schwalbe Moto-X rubber which does a good job of absorbing bumps and potholes, so much so that Hercules decided that it wasn’t necessary to equip the Prima E5 with any suspension whatsoever.

When it comes to pricing and availability, this charming little e-moped will have enthusiasts waiting for quite some time. It’s set to be made available from specialist retailers in May, 2024, so you have close to a year of waiting time. The price? A rather premium 4,399 Euros, or about $4,744 USD.

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