Volvo's all-electric XC90 successor, the EX90, will go into production in Q4 of this year. The full-sized SUV will be built at Volvo's Charleston, South Carolina plant. Production will also take place in Chengdu, China for Asian and European customers. 

The EX90 is effectively a more practical version of the Polestar 3. Beyond using the same platform and 111 kWh battery pack, both are also similar in size, have ranges in the region of 370 miles, and can charge at speeds of up to 250 kW. However, the EX90 has seating for up to seven and is undoubtedly more conventional-looking than the 3.

Volvo expects only a small number of EX90s to be built in 2023, but that's still positive news given supply chain issues continue to plague the auto industry. 

The EX90 will be available in either Twin Motor or Performance guise. The former produces 402 hp meanwhile opting for Performance spec gives you 510 hp. Top speed is limited to 112 mph on both versions.

Inside the EX90 features a 14.5" portrait touchscreen. Unsurprisingly, the system is powered by Volvo's long-term tech partner Google and has 5G connectivity. The EX90's Pilot Assist system uses Lidar tech and comes standard on every vehicle.

When it comes to pricing, the EX90 is undoubtedly aimed at the premium segment. The Rivian R1S, BMW iX, Tesla Model X, and Mercedes EQS SUV can all be considered rivals. Although no specifics have been given, early EX90s are likely to be fully loaded first/launch editions and will potentially cost north of $100,000. However, expect more affordable versions to become available throughout 2024. Volvo USA has promised you will be able to get a "well-equipped" EX90 for under $80,000. 

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