In the fall of 2021, we debuted the first-ever Star Awards program, handing out hardware to the very best cars, trucks, and SUVs in eight distinct categories. After a year of reflection, a host of feedback from readers and colleagues, and wheel time in hundreds of new vehicles, we’ve refined our testing formula and reracked for 2022 with our star sponsor the E-Range EV Tires.

Throughout the year, and InsideEVs editors evaluate pretty much every newly introduced vehicle on the market. But the work doesn’t stop when the drive ends. When the cars are put away in the garage, we pull out the spreadsheets.

ERange EV Tire

To get as close as possible to apples-to-apples comparisons, our rating system divides the vehicular universe into some 144 micro-segments, scored on 60 or so individually weighted points of measure, looking at everything from design and safety to performance and comfort. The net result is our Star Rating, a score of 1-10 that helps you to sort through cars to consider and cars to skip.

Star Awards pick up where Star Ratings leave off. Our consideration set starts with vehicles that are either all-new or significantly revised over the last year. From there, we invite the cars that achieved the highest ratings to join us for Test Week, deep in the California desert.

2021 Star Award Winners

During the year we let data take the lead in our rating system, but the goal of Test Week is to compare vehicles head to head – on the road, on the track, or in the dirt as the case may be – to see which competitor in each segment stands out with unmissable value, incredible technology, and impressive real-world behavior. (There will be spreadsheets here as well, but they’re much less exciting to talk about.)

For 2022 we’ve streamlined our categories but deepened the field of vehicles in each. We’ll hand out accolades for the best of Electric, Performance, Luxury, Truck, SUV, and Value. And, of course, we’ll arm wrestle about the coveted Editors’ Choice Award for the second year running.

Best of all, this year we want to bring you along with us. Every day we’ll be broadcasting live from Star Awards HQ, recapping the day and teasing which vehicles might be closing in on victory. There’ll probably be some hard-earned cocktails, too, if the lawyers let us. Plan to join the fun via YouTube, Facebook, and/or Twitter, where we’ll respond to your questions, live.

Check back at for updates to come announcing our preliminary lists of vehicle nominees, dates and times to join in on Test Week, and the grand finale where we bring you the ultimate Star Awards winners.

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