Many Tesla owners have tested Autopilot and Full Self-Driving beta capability on the famously twisty Lombard Street in San Francisco, California. This makes perfect sense if they're really trying to put the technology through the paces. Based on recent video footage, Tesla's latest version of FSD handles the street much better than previous versions.

If you haven't been to San Francisco or seen Lombard Street in person, you're missing out. However, thankfully, just a quick search online will bring up maps of the area, as well as many articles and videos about the famously twisty street.

Our friend, Tesla owner, influencer, and FSD Beta tester Tesla Raj published a video back in October 2020. According to Teslarati, Tesla's FSD Beta program had just started. Raj was clearly excited to see if the technology could handle the tricky street. While it did OK, it clearly wasn't ready for such an epic feat, and he had to intervene many times. Check out the 2020 video below before reading on.

Tesla has been updating its FSD software via over-the-air updates for less than two years now. The current version is designated 10.69.1, and it's supposed to be the best version yet, though every new version is supposed to be better than the version it replaces.

At any rate, Tesla owner and influencer Whole Mars Catalog, who shares loads of FSD Beta videos, tested the latest version on Lombard Street. He has used the tech on the street before and wanted to see if it has improved.

All you have to do is watch the video clips below after watching Tesla Raj's video above. It's pretty clear that Tesla has, in fact, made notable improvements to the technology, and they appear to be paying off.


Whole Mars shared that the Tesla felt much smoother on the twisty street than it did in the past. He wasn't anxious over how it was performing since the speed was relatively consistent and the car seemed to be aware of the situation.

According to Elon Musk, once Tesla completely rolls out the latest version of FSD (10.69.2), the price for the technology package will likely increase from $12,000 to $15,000 in North America.

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