New passenger car registrations in Spain decreased in April by 14% year-over-year 70,393, after a 31% decrease in March, resulting in 61,225 sold that month. A similar situation is noted also in other European markets due to supply constraints that hamper car production.

Despite that, plug-in electric car sales in Spain continue to expand at a fast rate. In April, some 6,365 new plug-in cars were registered (up 41% year-over-year), which is 9% of the total.

The average market share of plug-ins in the recent six months stays above 10%, which is a good foundation for the future. With outstanding conditions for solar electricity generation and unleashed production of BEVs (supported by new battery gigafactory investments in the pipeline), Spain has very high potential for electrification.

According to the data, about two-thirds of all plug-in registrations are PHEVs, but we are pretty sure that BEVs will gradually expand - their growth rate this year has already been two times higher than PHEVs.

Stats for the month:

  • BEVs: 1,991 (up 36%, at 2.8% market share)
  • PHEVs: 4,374 (up 43%, at 6.2% market share)
  • Total: 6,365 (up 41%, at 9.0% market share)

New passenger plug-in car registrations in Spain – April 2022

So far this year, more than 24,000 new passenger plug-ins were registered in Spain.

Plug-in car registrations year-to-date:

  • BEVs: 9,489 (up 91%, at 4.0% market share)
  • PHEVs: 14,894 (up 46%, at 6.2% market share)
  • Total: 24,383 (up 61%, at 10.2% market share)


Among the best-selling all-electric models in Spain (as of Q1 2022) we can see the Tesla Model 3 (1,133), Kia Niro EV (774), Fiat 500 electric (343), Kia EV6 (323) and Hyundai Ioniq 5 (297).

It will be interesting to see whether at some point we will see SEAT/Cupra models among the top BEVs, but first, it would require starting local production of those in Spain at a high scale.

Here is a list of the top 20 BEV models in Q1, provided by #EnergyTransition Fan blog:


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