As you may have heard, Subaru recently unveiled an STI version of the Solterra. Hence it won't come as too much of a surprise that Toyota has done the same thing with the Solterra's chassis-sharing twin, the bZ4X

Revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the bZ4X GR Sport Concept features matte black exterior panels, larger tires and sport seats. However, like the Solterra STI, its powertrain and suspension remain unchanged from stock form. That means it only has 214 bhp with 0-60 mph taking over 7 seconds. 

While this may seem underwhelming to some, it's important to remember this is a "GR Sport" model and therefore not an outright GR variant but rather a trim level. Hopefully by the time production rolls around they'll be both GR Sport and outright GR options. 

The bZ4X will arrive in the US in around 6 months time. Initially two powertrains will be available, FWD and AWD, with 201 bhp and 214 bhp respectively. Within each powertrain are two trim options - XLE and more premium Limited. EPA range will be around 250 miles according to Toyota, which would be relatively competitive when compared with the bZ4X's electric crossover rivals.

US pricing is yet to be revealed, but we estimate a base point of around $37,000 before incentives is a decent gauge. Should a GR Sport variant actually reach production, expect to pay in the region of $45,000.

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