PlugShare, which describes itself as the world’s largest EV community, celebrates more than 1 million app downloads in 2021 (the milestone was achieved in early December).

The PlugShare platform belongs to Recargo, a company founded in 2009, which in July 2021 was acquired by and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of EVgo (for $25 million).

The service is one of the best when searching for charging locations and double-checking whether a particular charging point works.

"PlugShare is the leading platform used by EV drivers for locating and selecting public chargers. The solution allows users to share their experiences and feedback around specific locations with other drivers, better plan both short and long range EV trips, rate their charging experiences via the proprietary PlugScore feature, use Pay With PlugShare at select charging networks, and more."


As of December 9, over 3.6 million unique Apple App Store and Google Play accounts worldwide that downloaded the PlugShare app to their devices, which resulted in 3.8 million reviews of public charging locations.

The company notes also that as of July 2021, "there were 7 unique PlugShare app installs for every 10 EVs in operation in the U.S., reflecting the platform’s significant user penetration among America’s EV drivers."

Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo said:

“EV adoption requires more than cars—it requires great cars, reliable charging, and excellent software. EVgo acquired Recargo because we know how important the PlugShare platform is to help new and existing EV drivers around the world charge, and this 1 millionth annual download milestone is one of many as EV growth proliferates.”

Nick Wild, President and CEO of Recargo said:

“The recent influx of reviews on the PlugShare platform is a testament to the growing demand for EVs and the charging infrastructure new and existing EV drivers use to go electric. The PlugShare community continues to be the best place for accurate EV charging information, and we are excited to continue supporting drivers and infrastructure providers around the world.”

A simple searching and reviewing of charging points is not the only offer of the PlugShare platform, as since 2019 the company has developed a whole family of services, including:

  • Building PlugShare, the world’s largest EV community, with an estimated 3 million unique driver app downloads worldwide1. PlugShare has become the go-to source for finding and choosing public EV charging, sharing experiences with other drivers, rating charging experiences via the proprietary PlugScore feature, planning EV trips, and paying for charging.
  • Developing Pay with PlugShare (PWPS), a mobile payment platform enabling seamless and reliable payment for multiple charging networks through a single app.
  • Deploying PlugShare API to integrate PlugShare’s rich network data into global automaker dashboards and custom mobile and web applications.
  • Integrating relevant advertisements into the PlugShare mobile application and website.
  • Launching PlugInsights, the world’s largest EV driver panel (approximately 72,000 drivers) for use with survey and qualitative research.
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