Buick will unveil an autonomous and electric vehicle concept called the Smart Pod at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 19. We don’t know what its exterior is like, but we can clearly see in the interior teaser shot that there are no pedals or steering wheel in sight.

The flowing, minimalistic lounge-like cabin is centered around a very wide display, it has what appears to be a coffee table in the middle and even decorative flowers. We aren’t shown the seating arrangement, but this is clearly not a vehicle that you are supposed to drive yourself; it is meant to drive you and be a soothing experience for occupants.

We have no facts or figures to go on here, we only know this concept rides on GM’s new Ultium electric vehicle platform that also underpins the Cruise Origin autonomous EV. However, the Buick concept’s interior looks a bit too luxurious to be destined for ride-hailing services, so this concept will surely be pitched as a personal vehicle.

The Smart Pod concept doesn’t preview a future production Buick, but it does show where the manufacturer wants to go with its future models. Buick also has access to GM’s advanced semi-autonomous driving tech already and the manufacturer will surely want to leverage this advantage with its future models.

Buick already has one EV in its lineup, the Velite 7 (very similar mechanically to the Chevrolet Bolt EV), but it’s only available in China. Back in 2020, the manufacturer also unveiled the 583 horsepower Ultium-powered Electra concept (a Cadillac Lyriq-sized crossover), but we don’t know if that will actually spawn a production model down the line.

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