The Aptera Reboot channel got the chance to participate and record a conversation with Nathan Armstrong. The Aptera CTO gave the Denver Electric Vehicle Council almost two hours of his time to clarify interesting aspects of the electric trike, and Aptera Reboot focused on two of them. Apart from being able to float, the Aptera will go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

The information on floating is just curious. In case the vehicle is caught in a flood, floating may prevent some of its components from being damaged, such as the battery pack. The passengers would also be protected from drowning but not of going down the stream if the Aptera does not have amphibious properties – which we think it doesn’t.

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Regarding the performance, it was expected that a very aerodynamic and light vehicle could accelerate fast. Yet, less than 3 seconds is way better than we would expect from a vehicle that also has the goal of being one of the most efficient people-movers around.

As you may imagine, acceleration times and floating capacity do not fill up two hours of conversation. Armstrong also talked about other interesting aspects of the Aptera, such as when it expects to start series production.

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According to Aptera’s CTO, the plan is to start doing that in January 2022. By June 2022, Aptera will be manufacturing vehicles at full speed, which means one every three minutes will leave the assembly lines.

Armstrong also talked about the skin-cooling system it will apply to the Aptera. Steve Fambro is an aerospace engineer, and he helped develop a system with channels laid into the belly pan of the Aptera. The battery pack fluid flows through them. With the help of a surface coating that transfers the heat into the composite, Aptera manages to cool down the batteries with this method.

For everyone curious about Aptera, this is a good resource of information. Just make sure you can also spare two hours of your time grabbing all the information this video and its second part offer.

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