Jan Peisert of Peisert Design reached out to us this morning to share this incredible and imaginative Apple Car. More specifically, it's referred to as an Apple Hyper SUV, and you'll understand why once we get to the details. However, we'll start by saying that if we hadn't been alerted that these are renderings, we might have been fooled.

The Peisert potential Apple electric SUV comes in two varieties: The Apple ONE and Apple ONE Sport. Jan writes:

"I believe that when Apple joins the automotive market, sooner or later they will consider an electric SUV. Something that is way ahead of everything else. Positioned right up there with the RR Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes GLS, BMW X7, Range Rover Vogue."

The "Apple ONE" name comes right from the tech giant's first product, which Jan reminds us was a gamechanger. Since the Apple Car will be the company's first vehicle, it makes sense to name it the Apple ONE. According to Peisert Design, the Apple ONE would be a "top-of-the-line" SUV, positioned as one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market, designed with Apple's stores and current products in mind.

Gallery: Apple ONE & Apple ONE Sport

Aside from the embedded video and gallery above, Jan provided us with some interesting "facts" about the Apple ONE and Apple ONE sport.

Apple ONE

  • 1300HP / 969 kW (inspired by the $1,300 seed capital to start Apple computers back in 1976)
  • 800-Mile Range
  • 4 electric motors in each wheel
  • 5+2 Seats
  • Available in 4 colors (Silver, Graphite, Pacific Blue, and Gold)
  • 22-inch magnesium chrome wheels
  • Wood trim on frunk and trunk lid
  • Chrome details all around
  • Retractable wooden stepping board

Apple ONE Sport

  • Positioned as the best performing, driver-focused SUV on the market.
  • 1976HP / 1473kW (inspired by the year Apple was founded - 1976)
  • 650-Mile Range
  • 4 electric motors in each wheel
  • 4 carbon sport seats
  • Available in 1 color (Space grey)
  • 24-inch High-Performance Carbon Rims and wheels
  • Carbon trim on frunk and trunk lid
  • Blacked-out chrome details all around
  • Additional aero components & cooling intakes
  • Retractable carbon stepping board
  • High downforce diffuser

Some features would be standard in and on both Apple Hyper SUVs:

  • Solar panoramic roof
  • Retractable side view mirrors
  • Retractable rear spoiler
  • Illuminated Apple emblem on the front
  • Mac Pro inspired front grill
  • Wiperless windshield
  • Wireless charging
  • Laser headlights with icon projector
  • Automatic gesture-controlled butterfly doors
  • Automatic gesture-controlled two-piece trunk
  • Level 5 self-driving
  • High tech, Apple "CarOS" based interior.

Check out the video and gallery. Then, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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