If you’re like me and you really wanted to see a typical Australian road train pulled by a Tesla Semi across the vastness of the Outback, well, it turns out that may never happen. That’s because the Semi has an estimated width of 2.59 meters or 101.9 inches, which is just too wide to be legal on Australian roads; nothing wider than 2.5 meters is currently allowed.

However, there’s still a chance that it will, because Tesla is fighting the rule and wants it changed. The automaker contacted Australia’s National Transport Commission to try to get it to change or amend the rule in order to allow it to sell the Semi in the land Down Under. Said comments are currently being reviewed, but a decision has apparently not been reached yet.

CNET points to an excerpt from Tesla’s submission that says (you can read all of it by checking out this PDF)

Currently, Australia will likely miss out on the first generation of electric heavy vehicles such as the Tesla Semi because of this. Australia's small size in comparison to global markets, [and] inconsistencies like this between Australian regulations and larger markets will delay or preclude vehicles coming to local markets.

Tesla points to the United States and European Union where vehicles up to 2.6 meters or 102.3 inches and 2.55 meters or 100.4 inches respectively (side mirrors not included) are allowed to drive on public roads.The Tesla Semi was supposed to have been launched by now, but it has now been postponed a few times. The latest time frame for its launch is sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, although you shouldn’t hold you breath, because it may be pushed back yet again.

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