Exactly one month ago, high ranking Volkswagen group officials confirmed that the future electric Volkswagen sedan (known as Project Trinity) will also spawn an Audi sister model. This three-box BEV model may, in fact, end up eventually replacing the ICE Audi A4 altogether, as it is expected to debut in 2026, some four years before Audi’s self imposed deadline to completely stop selling gas-burning vehicles.

Currently, both versions are being developed under the same internal codename Apollon, since currently work on the platform that will underpin them is far from over. In fact, Trinity is the name of the platform that is said to offer excellent modularity and range, as well as the ability for full self-driving.

We currently have no idea what either of the two models will look like, but this believable rendering we got courtesy of Motor.es does shed some light. It previews a slightly more rakish Audi A4, with a fastback rear end and some details borrowed from the brand’s most recent concepts - the headlights, the closed off grille with a cool pattern and the wheels.

We wonder why the artist who created it didn’t go the extra mile and also give it cameras instead of mirrors, like the optional ones you can spec on the current E-tron electric SUV. This model is nonetheless very important for Audi - it will be its answer to the Tesla Model 3, as well as other similar vehicles that will have debuted in the meantime, such as the BMW i4.

Audi officials have mentioned that both the A4 and A6 will, in fact, become fully electric by decade’s end. New versions of both models are planned for 2023, but we doubt either will get a fully electric version with the next refresh; we will have to wait for the one after that to see the actual BEV model.

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