According to the South Korean media, LG Chem is preparing to launch NCMA lithium-ion battery cell chemistry (nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum cathode) in 2021.

Undisclosed sources told TheElec that the high-energy dense NCMA chemistry will be launched next year - reportedly about a year earlier than initially planned (2022).

LG Chem was previously focused mostly on the NCM type, and most recently on NCM 712 and 811 with only about 10% of cobalt content in the cathode.

More interestingly, those new cells are envisioned for General Motors and will be produced under the Ultium Cells LLC joint venture in Lordstown, Ohio.

"This is a year earlier than its initial goal of beginning production in 2022, they said. The batteries will be supplied to key client General Motors (GM), they added."

Because the Ultium plant will be ready no earlier than in 2022, at first NCMA cell production will take place at LG Chem's existing plant in Michigan in 2021.

The unofficial sources revealed also that already five models were designated for the NCMA cells, including an electric pickup truck.

We assume that various GM brands (Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC) as well as Honda will use the Ultium batteries in the next few years.

The high-energy density will allow battery pack capacity of up to around 200 kWh per vehicle, which will be a must-have for the largest pickups.

Since LG Chem supplies multiple other manufacturers in the U.S., we wonder whether Ford or other sare also on-board?

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