We now have all the missing information the previous article was not able to clarify.

Our first article about Q-Reel led a lot of readers to get as curious as we were. Some of them even sent us additional questions to the ones we had already asked the Dutch company, and now we have the answers for all of them. We thought it deserved a new article instead of just an update to that one, so here we are. Jonathan Bons, CTO at Q-Reel, was kind enough to give us the missing details about the semi-automatic home charger.

Regarding the sort of connector the Q-Reel will offer, Bons told InsideEVs this:

“It will be possible to pre-order the Q-Reel with different connector types, for example a type 1 (US) or type 2 (EU).”

What about the charging power it will offer? That will depend on the available infrastructure.

“The Q-Reel will support rapid charging up to 7 kW when connected to a single-phase power supply. If a three-phase power supply infrastructure is available, then 22 kW charging is also possible. Please note that this compatibility is also EV specific.”

Is the Q-Reel an entirely new company or just a new product for an already existing company? Bons told InsideEVs that the company was born to bring the home charger to the market, which partially explains the 30-day Kickstarter campaign that will kick-off at the beginning of June.

“It is mainly to fund the Q-Reel manufacturing. if we create a bit of awareness during the process, that would be great as well.”

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The goal of the campaign can be considered modest for a home charger with so many features, such as license plate recognition, automatic deployment and retreat of the charging cable, and area surveillance.

“We are looking to raise a minimum of €100,000 during this campaign. Naturally, raising any extra capital on top of this amount would indeed speed-up the production process.”

We'll let you know when the campaign is live. It will probably bring more information about the home charger, which we'll save for a future article on the Q-Reel.

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