If we asked you what sucks about EV charging, you would probably say that it is the time it takes to do so, right? But there are more things to consider, as The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel reminds us with this video. Such as charging standards and ways to pay for it.

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The video starts by showing combustion-engined cars can just stop at any gas station, from any company, fill up the tank, and move away. In other words, they are surrounded by standards. They all work with the same fuel, put inside the gas tank by a standardized nozzle. EVs still do not have that reassurance.

If you are lucky, you will have many companies exploring charging stations where you live. But you will probably have multiple ways to pay for them. In some cases, you will need a specific card that you can only get by mail after filling up a form. In others, a mobile app will allow you to pay, but that may take time – or fail completely. If you are not lucky, you'll be stuck with charging your EV at home.

Supposing you get things settled right away regarding payment, each EV has a charging standard. There is Tesla’s, J1772 (Type 1), Type 2, CCS, CHAdeMO, and even Commando. So you have to carry multiple adapters or to choose a charging point that is compatible with your electric car.

EV Sales By Fast Charging Standards; The

As usual, bringing up the problem is essential because it can lead to ways to solve them. Why not establish a single way to pay for any charging point? Why don’t the electric car manufacturers decide on a single charging standard? That will make EVs stronger to compete and easier to use, especially for people that just don’t want the trouble of thinking about all these aspects apart from charging times.

Video Description Via The Fast Lane Car On YouTube

Keeping electric cars charged seems like such an easy process: plug the car into power and wait a while. But in reality keeping cars like our Tesla Model X fully charged can actually be quite the challenge. In this video we take a look at the different charging options to learn which is the easiest, the most intuitive and the fastest way to keep your electric vehicle car charged. This applies to all new and used electric vehicles. From the Nissan Leaf, to the Tesla Model 3 to even the Fiat 500e if you are thinking of owning or own one of these full electrics, this video is for you!

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