Despite some initial issues, the Tesla Model X truly tops all other rivals in so many ways.

There may not be someone better than our friend Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained to give us the real deal on the Tesla Model X. Honestly, his opinion is sought-after like that of Alex on Autos. This is because these guys have reviewed a ton of cars, and they really know their stuff.

Of the plethora of SUVs Jason has reviewed, it seems kind of crazy to us that a Tesla gets the cake. Really? The Tesla Model X, which mass media has thrown in the dumpster!

Yes, there are many reasons the Tesla Model X prevails in this highly competitive market. Watch the video above and learn why Jason feels this way. Then, if you want a Model X, you should move forward today since Tesla is raising prices tomorrow. Finally, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Engineering Explained on YouTube:

5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Is The Best Luxury SUV

The Tesla Model X P100D is the fastest accelerating SUV, the safest SUV, the most aerodynamic SUV, and has the cleanest interior air of any vehicle, all according to Tesla. That’s quite the benchmark, which is part of why I believe it’s currently the best luxury for sale today if you’re putting yourself in the drivers seat. We’ll break down 5 major reasons in the video, ranging from the electric drivetrain batteries and motors, to the interior and exterior focused features of the vehicle.

The Model X P100D has a range of 289 miles, a 155 mph top speed, and a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds. The Model X is also designed to be incredibly safe, with a 5-star crash ratings, a low center of gravity, and a large front crumple zone. It also features over-the-air software updates improving the vehicle with time. It was a blast to drive, check out the video for the full review!

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