An incursion in the world of sport naked.

For the past month or so, Zero has been teasing a new addition to its lineup with only a few peeks at the silhouette and limited performance information to work with—teasing well done. The company has finally unveiled the new SR/F and we now know what Zero has been working on: the view from here is pretty nice!

Zero Motorcycles has finally unveiled the all new, all electric SR/F, its very first sport naked model. Taking everything it has been successfully doing with its S lineup, the brand takes things a step further and sexes things up with the high-performance F.

First, the numbers. The new SR/F is using the same 14.4 kWh battery used in the high-end S and SR. What has changed is the electric motor—instead of the usual 7-centimeter rotor found in the current Zeros, the F receives a 10-centimeter unit, which results in a performance boost. In fact, both versions of the F (Standard and Premium) are rated at 110 horsepower, 140 lb-ft of torque, and a top speed of 124 mph (versus 70hp, 116 lb-ft, and 102 mph for the SR).

Despite the increase in power, Zero has somehow managed to maintain a highly competitive range; the standard SR/F is expected to offer a combined range rated between 102 and 123 miles (depending on highway speed). Charging time is expected to hover between 4.5 hours for the entry-level model with 3 kW charger and 1.5 hour with the 6 kW fast charger.

Design-wise, the look is reminiscent of Honda’s Neo Sport Café aesthetic with the high dorsal, single LED headlight and sporty profile. The cost of all these goodies, however, is weight and the SR/F tips the scale at 485 lb—a little over 70 lb more than the SR. Pricing has been set at $18,995 for the Standard version. The Premium trim adds a screen, fast-charger, heated grips, and aluminum bar ends for an extra $2,000. This positions the new SR/F at the top of the line, over $2k above the SR.

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