BorgWarner's HVH to power plug-in hybrid trucks

BorgWarner happily announced that it was chosen by a major European commercial vehicle manufacturer to supply 130 kW High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) 410 electric motors for plug-in hybrid trucks, scheduled for market launch in 2019.

The OEM was not disclosed. Earlier BorgWarner became a supplier of Scania, which utilized HVH motors in its first electric buses.

"The electric motor is a key component in a range of vehicles including urban and night-time delivery trucks and waste handling vehicles. Generating 130 kW (174 hp) of power and 1,050 Nm of torque, the HVH motor will work in parallel with an inline five-cylinder engine that runs on hydro treated vegetable oil (HVO) or diesel. The HVH motor will also regeneratively charge the battery pack during braking or downhill coasting."

"BorgWarner’s HVH410 electric motors are available as fully housed motors or as rotor/stator assemblies. Instead of conventional round wire windings, they use precision-formed rectangular wires and multiple layers of interlocking “hairpins”. The patented high-voltage (650 volt) HVH technology enables the versatile and powerful electric motors to deliver a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm and a power output of up to 300 kW (402 hp) with peak efficiencies exceeding 95 percent.

Featuring compact dimensions and individually customizable stack length, BorgWarner HVH electric motors provide tailor-made solutions for the specific requirements of customers. Cooling and winding configurations allow easy integration into almost all electric and hybrid applications."

Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems said:

“We are excited that our powerful and durable electric motor has been chosen for this important plug-in hybrid application, which will be a game-changer in the field of urban distribution trucks and night-time deliveries. It follows the use of our HVH410 technology on citywide hybrid buses, reinforcing our position as a global leader in technologies that help vehicle manufacturers meet emerging market demands and operate in zero-emissions zones as well as noise sensitive areas.”

Separately, after acquisition of Remy International in 2015 and Sevcon in 2017, BorgWarner recently acquired also Rinehart Motion Systems and AM Racing, further strengthening its competences in EVs. The two latest companies were merged into a new wholly-owned company, Cascadia Motion LLC.

The Cascadia Motion will focus on electric and hybrid propulsion solutions for niche and emerging applications.

"Recognizing that the demand for electric and hybrid propulsion systems is growing rapidly and goes beyond mainstream passenger and commercial vehicles, BorgWarner has acquired two Oregon-based businesses. BorgWarner formed Cascadia Motion LLC to acquire assets and merge the operations of the companies – Rinehart Motion Systems LLC and AM Racing Inc. Cascadia Motion will retain an entrepreneurial culture and explore the wide variety of electric and hybrid propulsion solutions for niche and emerging applications."

"Cascadia Motion will leverage the proficiencies of both companies into a start-up atmosphere designed to incubate new technologies. Rinehart Motion Systems brings expertise in propulsion inverters and controls for electric and hybrid electric vehicles in professional motorsports, motorcycles, specialty road cars, bus, and heavy duty sectors. AM Racing designs and manufactures single- and dual-core electric motors and gearsets used in all these same market segments.

Cascadia Motion LLC will expand the company’s ability to support a wide variety of customers with small scale projects, specialty products, and low volume manufacturing needs. In addition, BorgWarner’s global production facilities can be utilized as Cascadia Motion customers grow to require high-volume production."

Hakan Yilmaz, Chief Technology Officer at BorgWarner said:

“Rinehart Motion Systems and AM Racing are two established companies in the specialty electric and hybrid propulsion sector. Bringing them together as Cascadia Motion will allow us to offer design, development and production of full electric and hybrid propulsion systems for niche and low-volume manufacturing applications.”

BorgWarner Forms Cascadia Motion LLC

Source: BorgWarner via Green Car Congress

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