The Honda Urban EV concept was named ‘The Best Concept Car’ in the renowned 2018 Car Design Award honors, presented as part of the Turin Motor Show.

Honda Urban EV Concept

The Japanese manufacturer unveiled the Urban EV concept in Frankfurt in 2017 and announced that order books will be opened in early 2019.

Sales in Europe are expected to start in late 2019, however with over a year to go until launch, we don't yet have any preliminary specs.

For sure the small, city electric car from Honda could be interesting in Europe, as it combines performance and style.

Honda announced that the Urban EV is just the first model under the brand’s ‘Electric Vision’ strategy in Europe, so we expect to see more coming soon, especially since the company is developing a dedicated electric vehicle platform.

Car Design Award 2018

"An international panel of automobile experts has named the Honda Urban EV Concept as ‘The Best Concept Car’ in the renowned 2018 Car Design Award honours, presented today as part of the Turin Motor Show.

Organised by Auto & Design magazine, the Car Design Award finalists and winners are selected and judged by a jury comprised of 12 automotive journalists from the world’s most prestigious publications.

The Honda Urban EV Concept was named as a finalist in April this year, and was subsequently chosen as the overall concept car winner against nine other vehicle designs. Global recognition in the Car Design Award follows the Urban EV Concept’s success in being named as Automobile magazine’s 2018 Concept of the Year in January."

"Its low and wide proportions present a sporty stance, while the contemporary styling incorporates slim A-pillars and a wide windscreen that appears to sweep around the entire front end of the cabin. Entry and exit from the vehicle is via rear-hinged coach doors. At the front of the Urban EV Concept, interactive multilingual messages can be displayed between the headlights, including greetings, advice for other drivers on the road, or charging status updates.

The interior is equally inviting, with natural materials and an open-plan cabin that features front and rear bench seating. Natural grey fabric and wood finish accents create the relaxed ambience of a lounge area, while a high-tech ‘floating’ dashboard incorporates a wrap-around screen that runs behind the console and extends into the doors."

The joint statement from the Car Design Award jury concludes:

“The Honda Urban EV Concept is a wonderfully judged piece of design which brings a much-needed sense of personality to the EV space. Its clever blending of both retro and futuristic aesthetics gives it an undeniable desirability that few can compete with.”

Makoto Iwaki, Honda R&D Executive Creative Director said:

“Our Urban EV Concept is the true representation of the ‘We make it simple’ design idea, which aims to make cars closer to people’s hearts. I express the utmost gratitude on behalf of our entire Honda design team to the jury who valued our unique proposal, which we feel contrasts with the recent car designs. The production car based on this concept model is currently underway, which will be easy to access, fun to drive, and make everyday life more fulfilled and joyful.”

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