Not so long ago we heard from Europe that the Hyundai IONIQ could have up to 155 miles/250 km of range, not so long ago we heard from Hyundai that this next generation of all-electric vehicle would be special.

As it turns out, the Hyundai Electric (new name) is neither of those things...and we are more than a bit disappointed.

Hyundai IONIQ BEV Arrives Q3 In US, PHEV Version In Q4

Data is now becoming available in South Korea on the all-electric car (full specs below), and it shows that the IONIQ "electric" is a fairly vanilla offering - another city EV, into a mass of city EVs already on the market.

If this was 2010 we would be excited about this car...but it is not.  It's 2016.

The all-electric version of the IONIQ - named simply "electric", which will be released in the US in August/September, comes equipped with a 28 kWh battery supplied by LG Chem (under the back seat), which is good for 169 km/105 miles of range in South Korea. We had earlier hoped the IONIQ would at least up the ante to 120 - 130 miles of range.

And as South Korea doesn't have an overly ambitious rating system, like that of the aforementioned 155 mile range estimate in Europe, 105 miles is the real world range.

As a comparison, the Kia Soul EV is rated at 148 km/92 miles, and the new 2016/30 kWh LEAF at 172 km/107 miles - exactly the same as the US EPA rating.

Here are some other basic specs of interest:

  • Battery: 28 kWh - LG Chem
  • Top Speed: 150 km/h (93 mph)
  • 88kW/117 hp electric motor
The Hyundai IONIQ electric will come in two trim levels, starting from 40M won ($32,400 USD), with the premium trim (Q) from 43M won ($34,800 USD).

At first glance, it appears Hyundai's best chance for success with the IONIQ electric will come if it can maintain (or reduce) pricing levels that it has set in its home market internationally, to become a low cost option in the future as it faces down many longer range, 2nd generation EV competitors.

Hyundai IONIQ (Hybrid) Alongside The Avante

Standard Features for all models:

Hyundai IONIQ Interior

Basic Items:

  • 16-inch wheels and Michelin tires
  • projection headlamps
  • LED auxiliary brake light
  • LED rear combination lamps
  • aerodynamic items (active air flap wheel air curtain, rear spoiler, etc.), aluminum bodywork (hood, tailgate, etc.)
  • 7-inch color LCD
  • artificial leather seats
  • paddle shifters (adjustable regenerative braking)
  • body posture control (ESC)
  • chassis integrated control system (VSM)
  • Virtual Engine Sound System (pedestrian protection)
  • tire pressure warning equipment, tire repair kit
  • rear parking assist system
  • rear-view camera

Hyundai IONIQ (Hybrid)


  • electronic shift lever (SBW)
  • electronic parking brake (EPB)
  • full auto air conditioner/heat pump system
  • auto light control
  • button start/smart key system
  • front seat heating coil seat
  • backseat 6:40 folding split seat
  • Premium Audio (5-inch color LCD)
  • 6-speaker system
  • Bluetooth hands-free (speech recognition)
  • AUX & USB input

Upgraded Trim Level (Q) Adds These Items:

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Basic Items:

  • LED headlamps
  • chrome beltline moldings
  • chrome door handles
  • metallic pedals / foot rests
  • metal door scuff
  • rear center armrest
  • hot-wire steering wheel
  • ventilated front seats seats
  • driver's seat lumbar support
  • automatic cruise control
  • front parking aid system
  • mobile phone wireless charging system
  • 8 inch Smart Navigation (with Blue Link 2.0)
  • JBL premium sound (8 speakers)
  • external amplifier

Individual Packages:

Smart navigation infotainment package:  8 inches screen (including the blue link 2.0), JBL Premium Sound (8 speakers),  External Amplifier

Optional Premium Leather And Sunroof Available On Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Passenger seat package: rear seat heating coil,  rear seat air vents

Premium leather seat package:  includes power seats

Comfort package: hot-wire steering wheel, cell phone wireless charging system, etc. 

Safety package: automatic emergency braking system (AEB), Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC), driving auxiliary steering system (LKAS)

Sunroof Package

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