Every electric vehicle has an application in which it excels.

For the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, its application is in the urban centers of the world.

With its tight turning radius, ability to park almost anywhere and punchy low-speed acceleration, the Fortwo ED could well be the ideal city electric.

The folks at Autobytel agree with us on this one, saying this of the Fortwo ED:

"Small........? Yes! But the smart electric drive is a great city car that is perfect for the commuter who does not mind a little razzing from the boys. A regular smart fortwo is known for its cheap base price and excellent gas mileage. This car here though is ELECTRIC. Over in Europe these cars sell like hotcakes because they are perfect for those who live in the cramped city. Over here in the U.S. the smart car just doesn't get any respect. The smart electric drive changes all that thanks to the GREEEN factor."

"Base price on the smart for two electric drive is $25,000 which seems like a lot with cars like the Nissan Versa and Ford Focus starting in the $15k range. Then you realize that in the world of Electric Vehicle's where the Ford Focus EV starts in the mid-$30k range, the smart electric car is a great buy. But the real icing on the cake is all the Government incentives. The Federal Gov. is issuing a $7500 tax credit and many states have an EV rebate too! That can reduce the cost by up to $10k. The cherry on top is the $139 lease smart is offering on this electric car."

So, if you're looking for the ideal urban EV on the cheap, look no further than the Smart ED.

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