One of the main reasons more people aren't driving electric cars today is because they initially cost more than their gas or diesel counterparts. However, the gap is closing, and some would argue the Tesla Model 3 has indeed reached cost-parity with its comparable fossil-fuel burning counterparts.

Over time, with a lower operating and refueling expense, EVs can often have less expensive total cost of ownership, but that doesn't always help the person that can't afford a big enough down payment to get the loan approved. However, if you really want an EV and can't afford a new one, there's always the hope of finding one that will suit your needs and is within your budget in the used car market. And now that EVs have been out for a decade, there's definitely some really great deals on used EVs.

Alex Guberman from the YouTube channel, E For Electric, did some research and found quite a few used EVs that were all priced under $10,000. Before you get your hopes up, there no Tesla's in there, and likewise no Jaguar I-Paces either, but there are some great deals on clean-title, low mileage used EVs that would make great transportation for a lot of folks. 

So take a look at what Alex has dug up and perhaps you'll even see a used EV in there that you might want to check out for yourself. 

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