The one-of-a-kind roadster will be auctioned to support the “The Ocean Cleanup" project.

BMW has a wide range of lineup that ranges from small highly-capable cars to huge highly-capable SUVs. One of its cars that's raved globally is the i8 and the i8 Roadster. As a plug-in hybrid vehicle, it isn't reminiscent of the brand's range but still, it has its distinct design that's definitely BMW.

With its distinction as an environmental-friendly vehicle, it has been chosen by an artist, Milan Kunc, as the canvas for his artwork. He calls it the BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements.

Milan Kunc is a globally-renowned Czech painter. His style is mostly neoclassical themes, while his modern artworks mostly contain mysterious and natural elements.

In the BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements, Kunc incorporated a surrealistic expression of four essential elements of the planet. The intention is clear – to raise awareness about our environment through art. Each side of the i8 Roadster has been given an element to represent, namely fire, water, air, and Earth.

Here's Kunc's take on each of the element:

  • Hood. “Butterfly and vegetation represent the element of air and energy transformation of natural forces. I chose the butterfly as the symbol of this miraculous metamorphosis.“
  • Right side – Earth and air. “Landscapes transformed by us, people. I present a unique environment for people and animals whose purity is a prerequisite for the further development of life. The wind power plants depicted here use wind power, a renewable energy source. Flowers, bees, birds, and animals represent a balance in nature.“
  • Left side – water. “Fish, snails, crabs, starfish – the presence of these animals and their survival are a sign of a balanced environment for which we, people, are responsible. It is they who are dependent on the purity of this element – water.“
  • Stern – fire. “Our planet is a part of the cosmos in which all these metamorphoses have been taking place since ancient times. Fire here symbolizes the source of energy needed to sustain life and its development. Also the driving force forward – the engine, the heart of the car! Let’s touch the cosmos theme, I point to the need for recycling. It is also a challenge for our responsibility in using fossil energy sources.“

The BMW i8 Roadster 4 element will make rounds across Europe for its exhibition. Its first stop is the Invelt Showroom in Prague, while the BMW Museum in Munich is also included. At the end of its tour, the unofficial art car will be auctioned to support “The Ocean Cleanup” project, therefore, actively contributing to keeping our oceans clean.

SourceBMW Blog

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