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Time To "Deploy Counter-Measures"

Tesla Announces “Ticket Avoidance Mode” For Model S – Video

As per Tesla Motors today: “No more parking tickets for Model S owners. Today we’re introducing: ticket-avoidance-mode. Watch how it works.” The new system automatically detects “the presence of a meter maid or law enforcement officers” and deploys “counter-measures” to deter the ticket writer – from activating the windshield wipers…

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chevrolet volt china rear

Chevrolet Volt Sales Languish In March While Waiting On The Future

General Motors did a couple unique things during March.  Besides producing pre-production models of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt at its Hamtramck, Michigan facility, the General also increased national inventories of the current generation 2015 model. Unfortunately the latter development came a little late to push Volt sales any higher – selling just 639 copies,…

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2016 Chevrolet Volt - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

Pre-Production 2016 Chevrolet Volts Now Being Built – Pricing Announcement Expected Next Month

It’s been confirmed that General Motors has started building pre-production 2016 Chevrolet Volts at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly. These pre-production builds will be used to evaluate both the vehicle and the overall production process.  Within a couple of months, production models will roll off the lines.  Deliveries are expected to begin by this Fall….

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BMW i3 REx In The Hands Of Tested – Video

The BMW i3 REx gets put through its paces by the folks at Tested – of which many will recognize a couple of their featured contributors – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame. However, in this case, hosts Will Smith and Norman Chan are doing the review duties of the…

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Plug-Ins Such As The Upcoming Hyundai Sonata PHV Will Not Get A Chance At EV Rebate Money In Illinois

Illinois Suspends $4,000 EV Rebate Program

Illinois has one of the best plug-in vehicle rebate programs in the country…well, they did have one anyway.  A quick check of the Illinois Green Fleets website pretty much says it all now. “Important Notice: The Alternate Fuel Rebate Program is currently suspended. Due to the suspension of the program,…

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