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I have an 8.8kW solar array on my home in Chester, NJ. It generates most of the electricity I use for the house and charging needs.

BMW i3 REx One Year Review

Well that went by fast. After waiting patiently for years for BMW to bring the “Megacity” car, their first production electric vehicle to market, my first year of ownership really flew by quickly. On May 21st of last year I was the first i3 REx delivery in the US. My…

2 days ago by Tom Moloughney 65

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera Priced At Wallet-Busting $2.3 Million

Koenigsegg Regera, a supercar with a plug, received a price tag of €2.1 million (over $2.3 million). The Swedish manufacturer plans to produce only 80 units. First deliveries are expected in December 2016. The car was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show as the world’s most powerful plug-in hybrid….

2 days ago by Mark Kane 9

Nissan LEAF Alongside Renault ZOE

Renault-Nissan Alliance Sells Its 250,000th Electric Vehicle

Renault-Nissan Alliance announced a huge milestone of 250,000 electric vehicle sales, acheived in early June 2015. That’s 4.5 years after introduction of the Nissan LEAF in Japan and US. 250,000 EVs include the Nissan e-NV200, Renault ZOE, Renault Kangoo Z.E., Renault Fluence Z.E.(suspended), SM3 Z.E. (in South Korea) and the…

7 days ago by Mark Kane 8

Nevada Governor Announces "Remotest" EV Highway In US

Nevada Announces Electric Highway Of Its Own

Most Americans are very familiar with the largest electric highway in the country – the West Coast Electric Highway that runs from all the way from southern California to northern Washington, featuring fast charging stations every 25-50 miles. Now Nevada, flush with the excitement from Tesla’s Gigafactory project in the state,…

1 week ago by Jay Cole 53

Used Volt Batteries Supplying Power to New Data Center

Used Chevrolet Volt Batteries Power A Building (w/video)

General Motors announced a pilot energy storage project at the new General Motors Enterprise Data Center at its Milford Proving Ground. In the case of GM, ESS utilizes used Chevrolet Volt batteries  (from 5 cars), combined with solar (74-kilowatt ground-mount array) and wind power (two 2kW wind turbines). Solar and…

1 week ago by Mark Kane 8