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Hilo, HI - Tesla Model S, Ford Focus Electric, Nissan LEAF, Bronco (conversion), Soul EV Emily Ebert, Philip Zachary Hodges, Steve Hardash, Philip Tait (Photo Credit: Noel Morin)

National Drive Electric Week Set New Records

2015 National Drive Electric Week, held from Sept. 12 to 20, turned out to be another success with record attendance. The number of attendees grew by a third from 95,000 one year ago to over 130,000. The number of events/cities grew too. Breaking its own record again, National Drive Electric…

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Tesla Stays #1 For Top EV Manufacturer In September - Helped Slightly By The Model X

Tesla Reports Q3 Sales of 11,580 – Meeting Expectations

As per Tesla Motors’  reporting protocol, the company announced its early estimate for third quarter worldwide deliveries of the Model S, and now the Model X – which launched on September 29th (watch launch/first delivery ceremony here). For the July to September sales period, Tesla reported sales of 11,580. Tesla comment on the…

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volt leaf

2016 Chevrolet Volt Ads Target LEAF, Prius – Videos

A pair of what can only be described as competitive/attack advertisements have surfaced for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. These ads have debuted in their extended “internet versions” – both running north of 2 minutes a pop.  GM will also air condensed versions of the same ads for the television audience.  We will…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X First Drive (s) – Videos

With the Tesla Model X first delivery ceremony just wrapped up not so long ago, the first drive report on the 250 mile, all-electric SUV is already online. In the above video, the Verge takes the Model X through some preliminary paces. And in the below video, CNET takes the Model…

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BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e – First Drive

BMW has made several announcements in the past few weeks about upcoming PHEV models. Naturally, with the ICE engines hitting the efficiency limits, many manufacturers are turning to plug-in hybrid solutions to keep up with reduced emissions levels. The first such vehicle to hit the US market from BMW is…

6 days ago by Michael Beinenson 27

Tesla Model X Frunk Screencap (via DR TV)

Tesla Model X Frunk Images

A couple of images of the Tesla Model X at the automaker’s Fremont factory have emerged via a video interview. Of particular interest is the visible frunk, which appears to be slightly larger (both a bit wider and deeper) than the frunk of the Model S. Model S frunks shown…

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Tesla Model X Falcon Door In Action

Tesla Model X Falcon Doors In Action – Video

The video quality isn’t top notch, but this may be the first time we’ve seen the Tesla Model X’s signature Falcon doors in action. We doubt that the door will have to be physically pushed shut in the production version of the Model X. It seems that this pre-production version…

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