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Tesla's New Facility Is In Lothrop, California

Tesla Acquires 431,000 Square Foot Facility In Lathrop, California – Begins “Manufacturing Modifications” Of Site

The city of Lathrop, California has confirmed that Tesla Motors has begun renovations on a 431,000 square foot facility that was once utilized by Daimler-Chrysler as a distribution center. Tesla has been issued a permit by the city for “manufacturing modifications” on the Lathrop facility.  Reportedly, work is already underway…

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bmw i3 production

BMW Bumps Up i3 Production Rate To 20,000 Units in 2014

It’s the hot electric hatchback in high demand. BMW has reportedly increased production of its BMW i3 by 45% to meet demand that’s been well above the automaker’s initial expectations. As Business Week reports: “The premium manufacturer in recent weeks has raised daily output to 100 vehicles from 70 previously…

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Here It Is, The "Dream Of Every Car Owner In Britain"

Electric Car Promotion Circa 1967 – video

It’s always fun to turn back time and hear what the “EV future” will hold.  What type of plug-in Utopia was in store for the world in 1967?  Perhaps the Ford Comuta! Despite there only being 2 of them in existence at the time, and absolutely zero emission regulations on the table…

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Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S – More Images and Details

Yesterday, we broke news of Saleen releasing the first Saleen Tesla Model S rendering. Today, there are more images available of this tuned Tesla Model S. While we still don’t know if Saleen intends to tweak the Model S powertrain, we do get a hint that Saleen’s vision of the…

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