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Nissan LEAF - Nismo Style (sorry, not for you America)

Nissan LEAF US Sales Continue To Surge In September

Finding itself up against some fairly low comparables from September of 2013, Nissan easily continued to outperform its results from last year. For September, Nissan sold 2,881 LEAFs, an 48% improvement over the 1,953 sold last year. And for those who are thinking, “It seems like the LEAF is setting new monthly records a lot”, you would…

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GM Talks About Camouflaging 2nd Gen Volt Mules Here (Volt Chief Engineer Andrew Farah And Mule Shown)

GM Talks About Camouflaging The Chevrolet Volt

General Motors, in a rare interaction with the media that reminds us of the early days with the first iteration of the Chevrolet Volt, talks about the upcoming 2nd generation of their extended range car, and the necessity of camouflaging the vehicle. And while the camo’d Volt has been spotted…

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Supercharger # 200 Is In Oxnard, California - Image Via Tesla Motors

Tesla Opens Supercharger #200

“Supercharger number 200 just opened in Oxnard, CA.” Tweeted Tesla Motors less than 11 hours ago. That Supercharger in Oxnard features 10 stalls. The running tally as of right now is: North America: 114 Superchargers Europe: 66 Superchargers Asia: 20 Superchargers

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A Recent Rear End Collision Caused A 12V-Induced Fire In This Chevrolet Volt. (via Forums)

Old School Battery Tech Causes Chevrolet Volt Fire

Perhaps a recent Chevrolet Volt fire will prompt a wave of media attention against the “old school” lead acid battery technology.  But we doubt it.   This is more of a potential issue to be aware of if you happen to be a Chevrolet Volt owner. A recent accident involving a Southern Californian…

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