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Renault Acquires Commercial Vehicle Electrification Specialist PVI

Renault has announced the acquisition of French light commercial vehicle specialist PVI, which is short for Power Vehicle Innovation. PVI for several years has been known for its conversions of light petrol commercial vehicles and buses to electric drive and/or natural gas. Earlier, PVI was partnering with Renault in its latest Renault Master…

19 hours ago by Mark Kane 0

Nissan LEAF Sales Open 2017 Strong In Japan

The Nissan LEAF seems immune to kWh-deficiency in Japan, as the 30 kWh edition simply keeps selling strongly. It has now been more than a year since the introduction of car’s 30 kWh battery pack (and range bump from 85 to 107 miles), and sales results are still better significantly…

22 hours ago by Mark Kane 20

Apple Eve Electric Sports Car Concept Stuns Us

Apple Eve sports car concept is stunning, will never happen We can always dream… The Apple Car – aka Project Titan – is mostly dead on arrival. But that hasn’t stopped Italian rendering artist Alex Imnadze from coming up with an Apple-branded sports car that might have executives taking a…

23 hours ago by Jeff Perez 9

Renault To Show Undisclosed Electric Car In Geneva

Renault announces EV surprise for Geneva Motor Show We’ll try to act surprised… Renault is gearing up for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show where it will have on display the European versions of the Koleos and Alaskan. The midsize SUV and one-ton pickup are going to share the spotlight with…

23 hours ago by Adrian Padeanu 9

Tesla Model S Coupe & Convertible Rendered

Renderer E. Milano presents two distinct takes on the Tesla Model S. Up first (see image above) is the Tesla Model S P100C, a swept back coupe version of the Model S sedan. The flared arches and unique rear styling reminds us of perhaps an Audi R8? Tesla will most…

24 hours ago by Eric Loveday 23