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Obligatory EV Badging - This TIme Ironically Placed On The Gas Cap

Porsche CEO: Tesla Has Set The Standard, We Must Follow

Porsche is ready to follow in the footsteps of Tesla. Probably not a statement you ever thought you’d hear. Right? Porsche boss Matthias Mueller spoke at the automaker’s annual press conference awhile back.  He made it clear that Porsche is going to chase Tesla: “Tesla has built an exceptional car. …

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Tesla Model S

Translogic Tests Tesla Model S P85D – Video

Tesla Model S was already covered by Translogic long ago, but with a major new version available on the market, it’s time for Translogic to check what the P85D is capable of doing. Jonathon Buckley found that acceleration is addictive, while insane mode is incredible… and the crew confirms that…

14 hours ago by Mark Kane 2

2016 Chevrolet Volt - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

Pre-Production 2016 Chevrolet Volts Now Being Built – Pricing Announcement Expected Next Month

It’s been confirmed that General Motors has started building pre-production 2016 Chevrolet Volts at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly. These pre-production builds will be used to evaluate both the vehicle and the overall production process.  Within a couple of months, production models will roll off the lines.  Deliveries are expected to begin by this Fall….

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BMW i8 Rendered In GT3 Form

BMW i8 Rendered In GT3 Form

The GT3 racing series features some of the sweetest, widebody cars on the planet (more details on the GT3 European Championship racing series here). The series was, at times, dominated by German automakers, so it’s fitting that Jon Sibal rendered the ultimate BMW in GT3 form. Seen here is Sibal’s…

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