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Autonomous Kia Soul EV

Partially-Autonomous Kia By 2020 (Fully-Autonomous By 2030)

Kia Motors announced a plan of introducing partially-autonomous driving technologies by 2020, with fully-autonomous to be ready by 2030. The initial stage of development – for new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) – will be powered by an investment of $2 billion by 2018. Tae-Won Lim, Vice President, Central Advanced Research…

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EV Motorcycle Comparison - U.S. (November 2015)

Electric Motorcycle Comparison – Zero & Victory

Since we had a bit of free time on our hands over the US holiday weekend (Thanksgiving), we figured why not explore the electric motorcycles offered in the U.S. We began with the most known/popular Zero Motorcycles and Victory Motorcycles. Zero has a whole lineup of motorcycles with an excellent…

19 hours ago by Mark Kane 5

Muffler Removed

BMW i3 REx Muffler Delete – Video

We’re not entirely sure why this BMW i3 REx owner decided to remove his muffler in favor of a downpipe after the catalytic converter, but cars will always be tinkered with, so here’s what an i3 REx sounds like with this rather odd mod. Video description: “Removed the stock muffler…

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EVgo charging station

Electric Vehicle Charging Levels Explained

Question: What is Level 3 charging? Answer: Level 3 charging is one level higher than level 2 charging. Level 2 Charging is AC while level 3 is DC. Right? Wrong. Level 3 charging doesn’t imply DC. It can be either AC or DC. “Levels” are indicative of the charging power….

1 day ago by George Bower 23

Look At Us, We Are Selling EVs Dammnit(Image: Josh B/InsideEVs)

Report: Car Dealers Holding Back EV Sales In America

In 2008, current US Presidential Barack Obama set a very ambitious goal of selling 1 million plug-in vehicles in America by the end of this year (2015). A quick check on our historical record of EV sales – the “Monthly Plug-In Scorecard” (which records every sale, of every plug-in vehicle in America), shows that almost 388,000…

1 day ago by Jay Cole 80