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Nanogenerator Tires To Extend Electric Car Range?

OK, with a tag like “triboelectric nanogenerator”, who doesn’t want to love this new idea?  But then: Physics. Popular Science, of all sources that should maybe know better, touts this very-small-generator-inside-your-wheels as “… pulling latent electricity from the ground itself.”  Really, guys? More: Researchers tested the TENGs by securing six…

11 hours ago by Ted Dillard 10

Modified Nissan LEAF

Highly Modified Nissan LEAF – Video

Only in Japan will you see a Nissan LEAF modified to this degree. It’s riced-out, that’s for sure, but we rather like most of it’s eye-catching modifications. — Editor’s Note (for those not familiar with the terminology): RICE stands for “Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements” and is not a reflection on…

13 hours ago by Electric CarsTV 24


EV Connect Strengthens Partnership With GE

EV Connect has chosen to expand its partnership with GE by signing a joint marketing and product agreement. Here are the important details: Under the terms of the agreement, GE will be a preferred charging station supplier of EV Connect, and EV Connect will be a preferred management provider for…

16 hours ago by Inside EVs Staff 3

OceanBlue On Left - MorningSky Blue On Right

Nissan LEAF – OceanBlue Or MorningSky Blue?

Via Twitter, Nissan wonders, what’ll it be? ‏@NissanElectric Which color do you prefer: OceanBlue or MorningSky Blue? #LEAF Only a few changes to the LEAF were implemented for 2015.  Among the changes was the dropping of OceanBlue (officially Blue Ocean) in favor of MorningSky Blue.  The color difference is minor,…

18 hours ago by Inside EVs Staff 25

2015 Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF Deals To Spur Sales

CarsDirect posted earlier this month price guidance for those who are considering buying or leasing a 2015 Nissan LEAF. Sales of LEAF this year decreased significantly compared to 2014 (see graph below). Part of the equation are newly expired leases on LEAFs with up to $7,000 credit/discounts. There are plenty…

19 hours ago by Mark Kane 30

The EV grin (under a helmet)

2015 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle – Video Review

In what sort of could be described as a loosely produced video, you can get an impression of what reviewer Parks McCants (AKA Hondaman 61) experienced on what’s apparently his first electric motorcycle ride.  On the site McCantsAutoNews.com, we’re welcomed to the “Automotive World of Parks McCants:  Presenting a unique perspective…

1 day ago by Ted Dillard 5