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2017 Volkswagen e-Golf Rated At 125 Miles By EPA

The upcoming 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf was today officially rated at 125 miles (201 km) of all-electric range. Compared to the previous 83-mile version, the new e-Golf has 50% more range. Also fuel economy improved a little bit: city driving: 126 MPGe (previously: 126) highway driving: 111 MPGe (previously: 105) combined…

1 hour ago by Mark Kane 6

New EV Trend: Fast Tracking Ultra Fast DC Fast Chargers

Navigant Research notes a new trend in the charging infrastructure business – ultra-fast charging. The time when 50 kW chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) were considered the basic element of a “fast” charging networks will now seemingly fade away, as new longer-range EVs need even more power to replenish range in an…

16 hours ago by Mark Kane 23

Five Reasons To Buy A 2017 BMW i3 – Video

Some eight months ago, BMW revealed that the refreshed 2017 BMW i3 will get 94 Ah cells, which bumps battery capacity up to 33 kWh (from 22 kWh) and increases range substantially to 114 miles. Those models began to arrive in September…although inventory has been extremely thin ever since, as…

18 hours ago by Electric CarsTV 27

Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 (41 kWh) Battery Visualized

The new Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 proves that it’s possible to double battery capacity, without redesigning an entire car. The key is to originally develop a battery pack that could handle future modules with more energy dense cells (see video below). In the case of ZOE Z.E. 40, available energy…

21 hours ago by Mark Kane 8

Chargemaster To Open Electric Vehicle-Only Dealership In UK

Chargemaster is about to launch the UK’s first shopping center and multi-brand showroom. Called the EV Experience Centre, it will open  in Milton Keynes later this Spring. Chargemaster is known mostly for its charging stations and POLAR charging network, and won a £9-million contract from Go Ultra Low to build the…

21 hours ago by Mark Kane 1

Elextra Electric Supercar Aims To Challenge Tesla

Elextra electric supercar will hit 62 mph in 2.3 seconds Yes, another start-up wants to be Tesla. Another start-up firm will take on Tesla with the launch of an all-electric supercar at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. The Elextra is a four-door, four-seat and four-wheel-drive electric supercar that will hit…

22 hours ago by Andrew Brady 16