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OSET Launches MX-10 (w/video)

Yesterday was the official launch of the OSET MX-10, (which we mistakenly guessed would be a full-sized motocrosser last week), and we get the release of this new video and a bunch of photos: Still, this is going to make a whole lot of young would-be MX kids very happy…

3 hours ago by Ted Dillard 0

Tesla Model S In Proper Halloween Attire

Halloween Themed Tesla Model S

Here we present a Tesla Model S ready for some trick-or-treating on Halloween. This rather subdued Halloween costume is befitting the Model S’ classic design. Have an image of a plug-in vehicle in Halloween attire?  Share it in comments below and we’ll add it to this post. Happy Halloween from…

5 hours ago by Eric Loveday 1


First ZelectricBug Up For Sale At $45,000 – Video

The California-based Zelectric Motors recently presented the ZelectricBug, which is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle converted to electric drive with some help from EV West. According to Zelectric Motors, the car is in perfect shape and “No metal is cut – nothing welded on“. It has a 50 kW induction motor…

10 hours ago by Mark Kane 11

BMW i3 ON The Track

BMW i3 On Spanish Race Track – Video

You don’t get to see many BMW i3s on a race track so coming across a video showing the electric car tracking with other cars was bound for sharing.  One of the only other times we have seen the i3 on the track was when Chris Neff paired up with…

12 hours ago by Inside EVs Staff 5