Ok, The Renault Twizy Convertible Looks Like A Lot Of Fun Drive - But Also A Deathtrap At The Same Time (via Green Motor)

Rendered: LEAF, Twizy + Zoe Convertible

  There is just something about electric cars that makes us wish they would also be offered in convertible trims – perhaps it has something to do with the allure of a quiet drive with the wind in your hair. Recently, the fellows at GreenMotor UK asked the question “Where are…

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Nissan New Mobility Concept Cow Edition

Nissan New Mobility Concept Now Available In Cow Edition

The Japanese have for a long time ago appreciated the Cow Editions of their favorite electric vehicles.  Who can forget the cow edition Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV? Now, it seems that Nissan discovered that a well prepared Cow Edition is capable of leveraging sales not only of EVs, but possibly of the…

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Nissan LEAF sales in Japan

Nissan LEAF Sets Second Best Sales Result In Japan

Nissan exceeded a cumulative number of 37,000 LEAF sales in Japan by delivering 1,903 electric cars in February. This is so far the second best result since the start of production, when 2,593 were delivered at launch in early 2011. As we can see on the graph, in February Nissan…

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