The Dalbury E – Electric Campervan by Hillside Leisure

Converted Nissan e-NV200 Dalbury E Electric Campervan Review

Introduction of the Nissan e-NV200 creates new opportunities for companies like Hillside Leisure (builder of campervans) to easily offer all-electric versions. And here is the Dalbury E, reviewed recently by campervan owner and blogger Richard Mackney. “The Campervan Conversion Once I got over the initial excitement of this being an…

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Nissan LEAF Heads To Puerto Rico

Nissan LEAF Now On Sale In South Korea

Nissan finally began sales of the LEAF in Jeju, Korea, which besides being in close proximity to Japan, was waiting for the LEAF for some four years. The first batch was delivered in late December 2014 together with the launch of new quick chargers. According to a Korean website, thespecification…

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