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April 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

It is no secret that plug-in sales in the US have been on the upswing of late.  Heading into April, five consecutive record sales months have been logged – and April looks to continue that trend, although at this point (with some data yet to arrive) it was not a “sure thing“. Last…

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Autonomous Nissan LEAF prototype

Nissan Presents The Future Of Piloted Driving In The LEAF, Coming Soon – Video

Nissan for several years now has been developing autonomous driving technologies, with a goal to introduce truly autonomous driving by 2020. While assisted driving (that requires driver attention), is soon to be introduced on more and more models, full autonomous transportation would free up the driver to do something else while behind the wheel – like “help the…

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Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – March 2016

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up 31% To 1,614 In March

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan reached a still impressive 1,614 units in March, after surging to over 2,500 and 2,800 in previous months as a result of the larger battery capacity (30 kWh) version’s introduction in its home market. Year-over-year in March stood at 31%, helping to push the overall first quarter tally to a record…

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2016 Nissan LEAF | LEAF Powers A Concert

Nissan LEAF Powers A Concert Using V2H (CHAdeMO) – Video

Nissan recently conducted its first public demonstration of LEAF V2H in North America, powering the music equipment of a party. A special charger/inverter is connected to the Nissan LEAF battery pack using the CHAdeMO DC charging inlet, converting the DC power to AC power for electric appliances. V2H can not only be used to…

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2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

Potential Nissan Options In The Case Of CHAdeMO Withdrawal

Nissan is the most important participant of the Japanese CHAdeMO Association.  One could even suggest due to the lack of participation by the other members of late, they are the only participant. For certain, Nissan is the strongest promoter of the CHAdeMO DC fast charging (including V2G capability) and has by far the most CHAdeMO-enabled cars on…

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Modified Nissan LEAF Visualizes EV Driving Excitement (w/video)

Nissan celebrates the LEAF’s 5th anniversary in Japan with a special new version of its all-electric flagship – a car that projects the driver’s experience and thoughts onto the road. The Japanese auto maker presented the idea in a short film entitled “The Electric CARtoon! In a Driving School At Night” (see…

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