U.S. Plug-in car sales – November 2016

EV Market Share In The US Nearly Hits 1% In November – Graphs

Plug-in electric vehicle sales in U.S. grew by a solid 32.4%, counting 13,337 deliveries (full details), while year-over year growth has now reached 14 consecutive months*. November’s result translated to a 0.97% market share (see graph below) – historically one of the best showings. Also of note, full year sales for the US are…

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Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

Nissan Navara EnGuard With Portable Battery Pack Prototype

Nissan has presented a special version of the Navara – the EnGuard Concept for rescue purposes. Its powertrain is still conventional petrol, and thus we normally would have no interest; however in this case, there are two portable lithium-ion battery packs on board, built from Nissan LEAF modules. Each pack is rated at 2…

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