LEAF ticketed 2

Thousands Watch As Nissan LEAF Gets Ticketed – Video

Doug Lussenop and Brent Weinbach, comedians who host the Super Deluxe video website through Facebook, posted a 38-minute video during broadcast this week. *Editor’s Note: Video contains some NSFW elements, and excessive “watching grass grow” footage While the video rolled, they narrated. The whole concept centered around the fact that…

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Nissan LEAF Taxi

Nissan LEAF Taxis On The Rise In Europe

According to Nissan, it’s the world leader in the electrified taxi segment, with the UK leading the way among countries worldwide. As Nissan states: “The UK was Nissan’s biggest market for worldwide electric taxi sales in the previous financial year, with 78 of the company’s zero-emission models (LEAF and e-NV200)…

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Maybe Its The Unique Domestic Color Palette That Makes The Nissan LEAF So Popular In Its Home Market?

Nissan Appoints Its First Chief Sustainability Officer – Duties Include Charging Infrastructure Promotion

Nissan has announced the appointment of its first-ever chief sustainability officer, Senior Vice President Hitoshi Kawaguchi. Kawaguchi will report directly to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. Listed among Kawaguchi’s duties is charging infrastructure promotion. We’re sure that Kawaguchi will play an important role in Nissan’s various zero-emissions program, but the brief press release doesn’t provide…

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Nissan LEAF...Drifting?

Nissan LEAF – Will It Drift? (video)

Ok, it is finally Friday, and it has been another long week of serious plug-in vehicle news: …from a Tesla Model S summon controversy to Nissan taking control of Mitsubishi (and its PHEV program), or Nissan releasing its own Energy Storage Solution using old LEAF batteries, to the VW Group…

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Nissan electrifies European automotive sector with 50,000th Nissan LEAF produced in the UK

Nissan Celebrates 50,000th LEAF Produced In UK

Nissan has reached a milestone of 50,000 LEAFs produced in its European plant in Sunderland, UK. The Japanese manufacturer has produced LEAFs locally in UK for the European market (and for a handful of other places worldwide)  since 2013, alongside other conventional models. To date, 2010 Nissan has sold nearly 220,000 LEAFs…

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