Nissan's Plant In Smyrna Tennessee

Nissan’s Battery Factories In U.S. And UK To Remain Open

Despite reports to the contrary, it seems Nissan will attempt to keep both its U.S. and UK battery factories operational, even if LG Chem displaces Nissan’s in-house battery operations. When the news initially broke, we had suggested that bringing LG Chem on board didn’t necessarily imply that Nissan would shutter…

4 days ago by Eric Loveday 15

The Nissan Leaf battery module.

Dissecting the Nissan LEAF Battery (w/video)

After the fun of seeing the Tesla battery pack innards, it seems only fair to take a look at the guts of other cars’ batteries – notably the Nissan LEAF.  Most of this information comes from the salvage site Hybrid Auto Center, (and we’re in no way promoting or representing…

5 days ago by Ted Dillard 9

New BEV Registrations in France (Passenger & LCV)

French Electric Car Sales Grew By 17.3% This Summer

August is the slowest month for car sales in France, so electric cars dropped too. However, looking at July and August data (like L’Avere-France) we find growth of 17.3% compared to July & August 2013 sales and EV market share at 0.5%. In the last two summer months, registrations amounted…

1 week ago by Mark Kane 5

LEAF Truck

Nissan Unveils LEAF Truck (Images + Video)

The future of electric trucking has arrived in the form of this Nissan LEAF pickup: “If necessity is the mother of invention, engineers fuel that fire at Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona. Here engineers are plentiful. They love to build things, test things and tinker with things. This team…

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