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SNL Alum Kevin Nealon On Electric Cars

While this won’t be filed under any traditional “news” headline, we happened to catch ex-SNL weekend update anchor on the Jimmy Fallon show last week doing a little stand-up – and  the lead for the act?  A little electric car humor. Not a lot, but it was there. At least the subject…

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Tesla Model S Supercharging In China

Tesla’s China President Resigns. Again.

China seems to be a place of unrest for Tesla, as the company has lost another President of operations there this week. In fact, if you are an avid follower of Tesla (or a shareholder), looking to China has been the thing to do over the past 3 or 4…

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EV West Show And Their Repurposed

EV West Debuts The “EV Show” – Video

Good friend of InsideEVs, and owner of EV West (of which one might recall from their recent DIY Electric 818 project) Michael Bream (of cutting open a lithium battery with a table saw fame) has started a new monthly EV show for “anyone who wants to build an electric car” – as that is EV West’s forte….

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