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Tesla Model S Now With Wireless Charging – Video

We first heard about Plugless Power’s plan to provide aftermarket wireless charging units for the Tesla Model S awhile back, and the company released a teaser video during development of the EVSE this past Spring. Now, the company has sent us a video of the complete system in action. The…

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Karma Revero off the line

First Drive: Karma Revero – Video

Even though Karma Automotive just put out first images and a teaser video for the Revero, promising to do a full reveal 28 days time (they even have a countdown timer on their website), a first drive review has already been published. Earlier we learned that the Karma Revero will see its…

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Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck Rendered By Top Speed

Ever since Tesla released its Master Plan – Part Deux, and stated that the company would be building a “a future compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck“, the quest to imagine what those new vehicles would look like (and how they will perform) has been on. The…

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