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Tesla's Influence Can Clearly Be Seen In The Toyota RAV4 EV

What’s Up With That? Toyota Lessens Its Position In Tesla Motors

Apparently the thing to do this week if you were an early investor in Tesla Motors…is to sell, as Toyota has reportedly lessened its position significantly in the California EV automaker. This comes after Tuesday’s announcement from Daimler that it had exited its Tesla position completely earlier this week.  In so doing the…

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Mercedes Was The Largest Acquirer Of Emission Credits Over The Past 12 Months Thanks To Nissan

Daimler Exits Tesla Investment, Banks $780 Million

Lots of investors have made money in Tesla Motors.  Few more than Daimler, as the company announced it had exited its position today. In total, Daimler nets a cool “cash inflow” of $780 million (about $1.26 billion net before deductions) for the remaining balance of its stake taken pre-IPO in 2009. At…

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New Tesla Assembly Facility in Tilburg, Netherlands

Tesla Triples Assembly Space In Europe With 2nd Tilburg Location

A little over a year ago Tesla opened a 18,900 square meter assembly facility in Tilburg, Netherlands. Apparently they undershot what the company would require, as Tesla has decided on adding a much larger, sustainable addition, to their current location located nearby. This new building adds both a assembly facility/dock and a…

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