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We Caught Robert Healey, BMW's EV Infrastructure Manager Doing "Pump" Duties With His Company's New i DC Fast Charger At Plug-In 2014!

BMW Launches New Low Cost DC Fast Chargers From $6,458

Today from Plug-In 2014 in San Jose, BMW announced a new DC fast charging unit that can top up an all-electric i3 to 80% in about 30 minutes. Why is that significant? Well, acquiring and setting up a conventional DC fast charger is a very daunting proposition.   They are traditionally…

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tesla model s rear logo emblem

Real Or Imagined: Is The Tesla Model S Drivetrain Defective?

Recently Edmunds sold their long-term Tesla Model S; but before they did so the car had four (yes, four) drivetrains replaced by Tesla Motors.  Motor Trend’s long term car is working on its 2nd. This does not make us ask the question “is drivetrain failure a common occurence in the Model S?” Because…

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This Guy At LG Chem's South Korean Battery Facility Now Gets To Take The Weekends Off As Demand Moves Back To Michigan

LG Chem To Supply 200 Mile Battery In 2016; But To Whom?

Today, LG Chem announced that it is planning on delivering 200 mile batteries in 2016. Here is the fun part.  In making the statement, LG Chem’s CEO Cho Suk-jeh DID NOT specifically call out the automaker (s) who have contracted with the company for their 2nd generation battery product. As LG Chem already…

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