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2016 Chevrolet Volt GTA 7

Chevrolet Sets New Yearly High For Volt Sales In April

With a brand new generational upgrade filling in inventories across the US, General Motor’s Chevy Volt once again “put the boots” to year ago numbers. For April, 1,983 Volts were sold, which was up 119% from the 905 moved in April of 2015. With this result, the plug-in Chevy also put…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

April 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

It is no secret that plug-in sales in the US have been on the upswing of late.  Heading into April, five consecutive record sales months have been logged – and April continued that trend, making it six in a row, although unlike last month, it was no “sure thing” until all the…

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Refreshed Tesla Model S

CARB Reveals Tesla Model S 75D Edition!

As an automaker, you really wanted to reveal a new product offering on your own terms; but quite often, that just does not happen…even still, you wouldn’t expect the government to be the one spilling the beans! But such would be appear to be the case with Tesla, and an upcoming Model S…

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