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June 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

The real start of plug-in vehicle sales in the United States each year have always been a fair-weather thing. Prior to heading into the first month of summer, sales jumped last month to an estimated 11,540 vehicles in May from about 9,000 the month prior. Which begged the question, “Can June top…

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About 500 All-Electric Cars Have Been Sold In Australia Through The End Of 2014, More Than Half Were Nissan LEAFs

Australia Gets An Electric Highway Of Its Own – Finally

If any country really needed an electric highway to help its citizen more easily embrace electric vehicles, it was Australia.  Geographically in the country, it is a struggle for small range EVs to exit their home bases, and the political environment has made ownership difficult financially to say the least. However, last week…

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Nevada Governor Announces "Remotest" EV Highway In US

Nevada Announces Electric Highway Of Its Own

Most Americans are very familiar with the largest electric highway in the country – the West Coast Electric Highway that runs from all the way from southern California to northern Washington, featuring fast charging stations every 25-50 miles. Now Nevada, flush with the excitement from Tesla’s Gigafactory project in the state,…

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