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BMW i3 REx In The Hands Of Tested – Video

The BMW i3 REx gets put through its paces by the folks at Tested – of which many will recognize a couple of their featured contributors – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame. However, in this case, hosts Will Smith and Norman Chan are doing the review duties of the…

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Plug-Ins Such As The Upcoming Hyundai Sonata PHV Will Not Get A Chance At EV Rebate Money In Illinois

Illinois Suspends $4,000 EV Rebate Program

Illinois has one of the best plug-in vehicle rebate programs in the country…well, they did have one anyway.  A quick check of the Illinois Green Fleets website pretty much says it all now. “Important Notice: The Alternate Fuel Rebate Program is currently suspended. Due to the suspension of the program,…

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TTAC Put The BMW i3 REx Through Its Paces

Fair And Balanced TTAC Video Review Of BMW i3 REx?

The Truth About Cars (or TTAC if you will) are not known for holding their tongue when it comes to anything automotive that doesn’t ring true to themselves, so it was with heightened interest we saw the online magazine had done a review on BMW’s most “love it or hate…

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tesla model s reveiw whisky header

Incredibly Thorough Tesla Model S Review

The same fellow that took us for a spin over the Stelvio Pass (named as the “Best Driving Road In the World” by Top Gear) in his Tesla Model S, now gives us a walkthrough of the car. Any by walk through, we mean that host Horst Luening provides just about the most comprehensive…

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Latest Police Services Vehicle In Dubai

Dubai Police Get A BMW i8 – Video

We aren’t sure exactly who makes the decisions on what cars are included in the police services fleet in Dubai, but we do know their budget is too darn high. Then again, perhaps this was strictly a fuel efficiency decision, as the force’s Bugatti Veyron was just eating up too much of their…

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