Efacec, a Portuguese manufacturer of EV charging infrastructure, has announced last month the introduction of the next generation of electric mobility solutions.

The family of charging products include dual AC charging points (2x 11 or 22 kW, three-phase), DC fast chargers (Quick Chargers QC 60/90/120 kW) and ultra-fast chargers (HV 175/350 kW).

Additionally, the company offers a charging network management tool (EV Core – Charging Point Management System) and Load Management system (LMS), a tool that allows one to dynamically manage the use of power stations on site.

The DC chargers are ready for the Plug and Charge feature that allows automatic authentication and start of charging, as well as over-the-air software updates.

Let's take a look at the chargers in detail.

Efacec charging infrastructure
Efacec charging infrastructure

Ultra-Fast Chargers HV

The top of the line models - HV175 G2 and HV350 G2 - are ready to provide respectively up to 175 kW and 350 kW of power.

The HV350 G2 maximum output voltage is 920 V (to support 800 V battery systems) and up to 500 A through Combined Charging System (CCS).

There is an option to add a second output to charge two vehicles simultaneously. In the case of the CHAdeMO plug, it would be limited to 500 V and 200 A).

Quick Chargers QC 60/90/120

The QC series is available as 60 kW charger, 90 kW charger or 120 kW charger, with up to three outputs, meaning it can charge up to three EVs simultaneously (2xDC + 1xAC OR 3xDC). The maximum voltage is up to 920 V.

Public Charger PC G3

The "Public Charger" series are simply AC charging points with two three-phase charging ports (2x 11 kW or 2x 22 kW).

PC points do not have fixed cables and plugs, so users must have some in the trunk. In North America, all SAE J1772 AC charging points are equipped with a charging cable and plug, but in Europe, the Type 2 ports are still quite common.

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