Zotye E200 & E30 – Smart Clones – At 2015 Shanghai Auto Show (w/videos)

MAY 12 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Zotye E200

Zotye E200

Chinese company Zotye unveiled at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show two all-electric cars, both of which remind us of the smart fortwo.

The first is called the E200, has 24 hp/82 Nm electric motor and can go up to 50 mph. Range stands at 120 km.

Sales in China are planned for the second half of this year. According to some sources, price could be 70,000 yuan including subsidies, which would be $11,200.

The second model, E30, has a similar drivetrain, but can go up to 150 km.

Before the end of 2014, Zotye announced that it delivered more than 4,000 small electric cars in China.

Zotye E30

Zotye E30

Zotye E30

Zotye E30

Zotye E30

Zotye E30

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9 Comments on "Zotye E200 & E30 – Smart Clones – At 2015 Shanghai Auto Show (w/videos)"

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I see some Tesla styling in there…

same here ! it’s smart mixed with a tesla !what the **** is this

I wouldn’t really call this competition for the original Smart Car considering the Smart Car EV can do expressway speeds and has a 68 mile range.

Well just another copy, body wise, of a current product, as implied in the article. Certainly not as good as a Smart but extremely inexpensive. In that sense it is competition.
So why not buy cheap knockoff that looks like the superior, though more expensive, vehicle?

Why not buy a Zotye E30? Because even if the top speed is the 80 KPH which the car maker claims, that means it will struggle to reach 50 MPH. And according to the article linked below, it’s likely the actual top speed is even lower.


I really like the inside of both cars. So much like a Tesla:)


Of course 11k $ WONT buy You those cars You see in the pictures 😉 as those use more expensive materials… But they do look good!

1) Range! Too little. Even if it is not highway car, range is small.
2) 200 is smaller then 30 according to that company….. …. no comment.

So a Model S and a Smart Four2 go into the garage and close the door…

I thought they added side pockets to the Model S doors for a second, then I noticed it’s just a Zotye E30 interior. Wow, that is nearly identical to a Tesla interior!