Zongshen Dominates First Round of eRoadRacing in Valencia (w/videos)

JUL 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

Zongshen bikes

Zongshen bikes

Last weekend, the FIM eRoadRacing season kicked off in Valencia, Spain.

Sadly, despite the marriage between TTXGP and FIM e-Power, the first round of the combined eRoadRacing Championship was joined just by three teams and 7 motorcycles.

Zero S on the race track

Zero S on the race track

China team Zongshen fielded three bikes – two DC and one with an AC motor drivetrain.

Dutch team Renegade Z brought three Zero S ZF 11.4 motorcycles.

And early pioneer Agni Racing had its original Isle of Man TT-conquering bike.

There were no signs of the German Münch Racing Team that won both TTXGP and FIM e-Power races so many times in the past.

As one would expect, Zongshen’s racing bikes dominated the first round of eRoadRacing in Valencia. They took the podium in the 4-lap sprint and won the second 8-lap race despite one DNF.

 Valencia Round- Race One Results:

1. Hoi Chi Fung (Zongshen)
2. Oscar Pena (Zongshen)
3. Su Rong Zai (Zongshen)
4. Adrian Menchen (Renegade Z)
5. Julian Miralles (Renegade Z)
6. Sam West (Agni Racing)
7. Harald Gasse (Renegade Z)

Hoi Chi Fung won from pole position (01.56.505) by a clear 17 seconds on his AC-bike, but crashed on the second run (see video no. 2).

Valencia Round – Race Two Results:

1. Su Rong Zai (Zongshen)
2. Oscar Pena (Zongshen)
3. Adrian Menchen (Renegade Z)
4. Julian Miralles (Renegade Z)
5. Sam West (Agni Racing)
6. Harald Gasse (Renegade Z)
DNF Hoi Chi Fung (Zongshen)

Zero S production bikes fared well – better than the Agni Racing bike.

This weekend, eRoadRacing comes to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca together with MotoGP and hopefully we will see some of the fastest motorcycles on hand, including Lightning, Mission R, MotoCzysz etc.

Videos from Valencia practices and races:

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Gary H

What models did Zongshen race? Why was it expected that they would dominate the racing? What are the motorcycle specs?

Simone Rambaldi

As far I know Zongshen have a YASA 750 motor ,a much better drivetrain than any other motor in the race