Zombie 222 Destroys Tesla Model S P85D – Drag Race Video

JUN 20 2015 BY TDILLARD 21

See that little green spot?  That’s the Zombie 222 we covered awhile back.  See the Tesla Model S P85D?  Nope.  You don’t.

Here’s the video – kind of nasty but you get the idea:

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The zombie is so cool. Would like to See it at the Nürburgring. Can it beat the R8?

Yes, the Zombie may not be practical for daily driving, but I hope this car can open the stubborn eyes of hardcore ICE fans. The Zombie shows what extreme EV tech can do. And this is just the first generation of EV cars! Watch what will happen in 5 years!

Zombie has no safety as compared to the Model S and does not seat 5+2. As much as the Zombie is interesting there is little in common between the two cars.

The Zombie like any drag racer that runs less a certain time, needs to comply with track safety and that means full *roll cage*, something the Tesla does not have.

It kind of boggles my that people think race cars are not safe when in fact they are just as safe or safer with less. Closed cockpit with roll cage or even better, tube chassis with softer, deformable body panels, and 4 point 5 point seats means people can survive higher speed crashes without airbags.

People have flown off the side of Peaks Peak in race cars with roll cages/tube chassis and NO airbags and lived, even walked away without injury. I would not attempt the same in a production car at all.

Oh my goodness..he’s local here in Austin, I hope to interview him 🙂

They forgot to mention that the Zombie 222 is a custom built, non-street legal purpose-built dragster.

The Tesla Model S P85D on the other hand is a regular production model that anyone with the money can buy. It’s got all the comfort, safety, and tech features expected of an expensive car. It also has a long range and Supercharging capability.

I’d love to own a Tesla, but I’d also like to build a street-legal EV dragster like the White Zombie EV.

Sorry… the Zombie 222 is a more stock than you may think Mustang that is driven almost daily on the street. I wonder if folks even read the stories that they comment about. You could watch a YouTube video. Doesn’t even require the ability to read.

It’s street legal if I recall.

It definitely would be if it still retains the VIN of the original Mustang. Not just in Texas, but in California too since older cars don’t have to comply with modern regs, nor do kit cars.

The zombie 222 is a fully street car. All factory metal, glass, full interior, completely passed inspection and tagged.

To think Ludicrous mode looks like it will cut the gap to this Zombie in half.

Wow! Forget the tesla- Zombie is the car to have. Much better looking as it’s nostalgic. Beautiful.

10.2 vs 11.4

It doesn’t like much of a difference in time, but one thing this video demonstrates for those not familiar with racing, is that a small difference in 1/4 mile times can be a HUGE difference in distance. At over 100 mph a lot of ground is covered in a just second.

Is it just me or did the Tesla have a late start? Either way, entertaining video.

Looks like the Tesla didn’t see the light change.
Bad start.

Exactly my thought, which means that there was not that much of a time difference.

On a regular street test and tune night, the clock doesn’t start until the vehicle breaks the beam at the starting line. So 11.4 probably is the actual time for the Tesla even though the driver appeared to be sleeping on the line. Which by the way is impressive and means that the Tesla will need at least a 5 point rollbar to run much faster than that. But its not even in the same league as a 10.2 quarter mile. At 9.99 the driver and car must be NHRA certified and the car has to have alot more safety equipment which i’m betting the mustang already has or will soon. And i agree, a racecar is way safer than a production car. There are plenty of rules designed to keep a driver safe.

And its called watching the tree drop. Not seeing the light change. We are not on the street here. Its called a Christmas tree. 3 ambers a half second apart then the green. If you leave early, you get a red light. That’s called a sportsman tree. When the three ambers flash at once, then .4 second later the green appears, thats called a pro tree. Obviously its a lot harder to cut a good light off a pro tree vs the sportsman tree. Everyone should run their daily driver at least once at their local track for the experience. All you need is a helmet and $15. Most tracks will have a street night just for this. Some even have a grocery getter race for your slow daily driven vehicles or tow vehicles.

Now if they could only concentrate on Developing a Slower EV With a “HUGE RANGE” for normal everyday use! …………….thank you

The 70D is the best thing so far.