Zombie 222 Converted ’68 Electric Mustang Hits 174.2 MPH At Texas Mile

APR 14 2015 BY TDILLARD 19

Here’s the record from The Texas Mile’s official report:

FASTEST ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE: Mitch Medford had an incredible weekend. Not only did he set a new all electric record at 174.2 MPH but his car was also voted Hottest Car and Most Exotic by Texas Mile fans and he won Most Likely to get a Date at The Texas Mile Car show! Mitch beat the previous all electric record of 155MPH held by John Metric.

At this point, we’re going to assume you’ve seen the story on The Verge about the Zombie 222 absolutely shattering the record at the Texas Mile. The very best part of that piece is the video, posted below – settle in with a cup of coffee, and enjoy a little over 15 minutes of some of the best motorsports storytelling you’ll see anywhere.  That story is hard to top, as far as a good picture of the car and where it came from goes.  But we’re EV geeks, over here at InsideEVs, and there’s more to the story that needs be told.

Black Zombie High Tech battery pack (via Zombie 222)

Black Zombie High Tech Systems  battery pack

First, there’s the battery pack.  This beast just flat-out delivers enough power to melt almost any motor on the planet: 1.5 megawatts, to be precise.  Depending on how you convert it, that figures out to at least 1200 horsepower.  The pack and BMS is designed and built by High Tech Systems, LLC, AKA Derek Barger, pack builder to just the fastest electric race machines running.  The packs he shows on the site are built from A123 cylindrical cells – the fairly legendary ANR26650, but it’s not at all clear if he’s still using those (presently unobtainium for normal people) cells.  Those little blue LED lights are part of the BMS, a top-mounted cell-by-cell system of his own design.

So, what kind of motors is he running, with that kind of power on tap?  Twin 11″ Netgains, with, we suspect, some serious work to at least the brushes, if not the windings.  Here they are, soon after making their arrival to the shop:

Twin Netgains, test fitting

Twin Netgains, test fitting with coupling

There’s some work going on for sure, but we’re not entirely clear on what it is:

...brush work

…brush work

Stock windings?  Or modified...  ?

Stock windings? Or modified… or cooling work?

…and, of course, they need to be color-coordinated.


Netgains in the paint shop

The controllers?  Zilla, of course:

Twin Zilla's in da house

Twin Zilla’s in da house

And folks, this is Texas.  (Austin, but still… )  One doesn’t leave the motor compartment looking all, well, unattractive.  Here’s the complete drivetrain, all gussied up:

Drivetrain, Texas-style

Drivetrain, Texas-style

All this comes together as, what the main motivating force behind the project, Mitch Medford, calls “the vision of ultra-high performance, vintage cars that are all electric” and “the ultimate muscle in a muscle car”.  His goal?  To build more, for those buyers who want to indulge in “the guilty pleasure of owning a car nobody else has”.  Because Tesla?  “…Teslas are now commonplace“.

Check out the Zombie main site here.  There’s another, slightly different angle on the story from TransportEvolved, here.  The Zombie 222 Facebook page is here, where you can witness Mitch corrupting the Youth of America (in the best possible way).

Kids and cars...  corrupting youth, via the Zombie 222 Facebook page

Kids and cars… corrupting youth, via the Zombie 222 Facebook page

…and here’s likely the view most people at the track will see of this car (but without the “eating dust” part):

Zombie 222 taillights

Zombie 222 taillights

Oh right.  That Verge video?  Here it is…  some great work.

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19 Comments on "Zombie 222 Converted ’68 Electric Mustang Hits 174.2 MPH At Texas Mile"

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Definitely worth watching. Kudos to the team for the achievement.

My goodness, I have to wonder what kind of cooling system does the Zombie team use for its motors. I know with the P85D the motor get very hot, and that’s for a 3.1 sec quarter mile time. I can’t even fathom how hot the Zombie’s motor gets.

Sorry meant 3.1 sec 0-60 time.

Brushes? DC motors with a original gearbox? What kind of android-like shifting is required to hit that speed?

There’s a shot of the underside of the front section of the car starting at about 3 min. 37sec. in. What I see where the torque converter or clutch and transmission would normally sit, doesn’t look like any type of transmission, manual or automatic that I have ever seen.

Again at 8:26 there’s shot of the rear underside. No transmission of any kind in sight.

Like Ted said, that’s gotta be direct drive.


I would sure love to have one of these.

Very Cool. 🙂

I love the work that these guys are doing. Having lots of gearheads and tuners for EVs will be important to convert more ICE people over the EVs.

What’s the range per charge?

At least a 1/4 mile. 😀

…In the Verge piece, Mister.

IF those are series-wound motors I bet they smoke the tires really great!!!

Very very nice looking car…. Must be a bit frightening to go that fast in a mustang.

Streetable, or track only?

The Verge article says 40-50 miles. That is plenty for the kind of driving hotrodders do. Brushed DC is great for smoking tires, speed runs, and Cruisin’ the Strip. But as many early EV builders have found when switching to lithium power, brushes and commutators are wear items in a long range vehicle.

Great story and video. Wow. I can’t say I want one, but maybe something not too unlike it with maybe twin AC31 motors, even if it would only go 120 mph, or something. That’s fast enough …

i was lucky enough to get a ride in it!

hardly any sound except the tires swishing around on the asphalt, and wind noise.

going slow no sound at all.

on acceleration eyes water, and absolutly the fastest ever in a street car(or race car),ever!