Zipcar And The City Of Houston Create New Partnership For Fleet Sharing Program

AUG 22 2012 BY MIKE 2

Last week, Zipcar announced that they established a new partnership with Houston, TX, the largest city in the state, to provide fleet services for 25 Nissan LEAF vehicles currently owned by the Houston government. This program, called FastFleet, allows for extra access and also gains information through a small computer system that is installed int the vehicle.


More specifically, ZipCar’s FastFleet car sharing platform is used and marketed via online reservations for commercial companies.   According to ZipCar, this program will help understand and maintain new efficiencies, improve utilization and reduce cost, while further reducing the environmental impacts of their fleet.


Other local governments already use this program today. For instance, Washington DC has been using this technology since 2009 and has been able to save an estimated $1 million per year due to the elimination vehicles not being used, and by saving money on gas or energy power, plus reduce emissions. Other notable cities that use this system are Chicago and Boston, both of which started over the past 2 years.


To learn more about this program, check out this article from Hybrid Cars.

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“Houston, one of the largest cities in Texas” Really? Wake up. Houston is the 4th largest city in the UNITED STATES.

Apparently we are not all well versed in Texas here at InsideEVs. It is technically “one of the largest,” hehe. Our apologies for the snafu.