Zipcar Adds Honda Fit EV To Fleet In Sacramento


Honda Fit EV Charge Port

Honda Fit EV Charge Port

Soon, the Honda Fit EV will exit production forever, but prior to that Honda is announcing one of the few remaining Fit EVs will be signing up to a car sharing program:

Zipcar and University of California, Davis Support Largest Planned Zero Net Energy Community, West Village, With a Sustainable Transportation Option for Residents and Students 18+

Zipcar today announced the introduction of a 2014 Honda Fit battery electric vehicle (EV), located at The University of California, Davis'(UC Davis) West Village, the largest planned zero net energy community in the United States. In the course of a year, the community is designed to generate as much energy as it consumes. The low-carbon electric vehicle is designed to help address one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions – vehicle usage.

“UC Davis and West Village are getting closer and closer to their goal of creating a zero net energy community, and our convenient, cost-effective and sustainable transportation option will be a key component,” said Zipcar Sacramento market manager, Chris Witmer. “With an all-electric Zipcar available by the hour, West Village residents can minimize their emissions without sacrificing their ability to do errands, visit friends or take other trips.”

The new Honda Fit EV at UC Davis is located at West Village Square right across the street from West Village’s other Zipcar, a Honda Insight, in front of “The Hub Market.” Both vehicles are available to all Zipcar members ages 18+ for hourly reservations, starting at $8.50 per hour. Zipcar has had vehicles on campus at UC Davis since 2009. Zipcar has nearly 40 vehicles in approximately 20 locations throughout the greater Sacramento area.

“As our West Village community reaches net zero building energy use, climate warming carbon from vehicles in California still accounts for 40 percent of the carbon we emit,” said Dan Sperling, founding director, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. “Innovations like solar power to help generate the electricity needed to charge the EV, and fully zero emission car sharing moves us aggressively toward a sustainable future. Zipcar introduces students to practical zero emission driving in a more convenient and sustainable model, saving them thousands of dollars on car payments, insurance and gas as they can live carless during their college years – and perhaps beyond.”

Zipcar is a longstanding pioneer in using advanced vehicle technologies as the first car sharing company in the United States to introduce electric vehicles, starting in Boston in 2002, and the first to offer hybrid vehicles through a partnership with Honda in Seattle in 2003. Today many of Zipcar’s vehicles are among the most fuel-efficient vehicles available on the market, including hybrids, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and other EPA SmartWay Certified and LEED Certified cars.

Zipcar’s strong innovative history joined with the West Village community’s commitment to a more sustainable way of living provides Zipcar members with access to advanced technology and more alternative fuel vehicles to help make Sacramento a better more convenient place to live and work.

Honda’s 2014 Fit EV, based on the popular five-passenger Fit, is rated at a combined fuel economy of 118 MPGe1, making it one of the most efficient cars on the road. When connected to a 240-volt circuit, the Fit EV battery can be recharged in less than three hours from a low charge indicator illumination point2 and has a range of approximately 82 miles1. For more information or to join Zipcar please visit

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I haven’t used zipcar but have seen them during my travels in California… Does the reservation system account for vehicle charging, as in does it book end and start times far enough apart that you can leave at your reserved time with 90%+ of power available? It would suck to reserve an EV, make your payment to start driving, get in the car and find it to only have a 15% charge due to the last renter returning it within the last 30 minutes…

I would hope that Zip Car would have thought of that and installed either fast chargers or, as you suggest, bookend the reservation for charging (or, even better, both).

Darn. When it said Sacramento, I was hoping it was in downtown. It’d be nice to be able to run errands in an EV (since my EV is usually parked further away than the nearest zip car).

I am curious how they got a waiver from Honda to place the EV in commercial use. I think the lease prohibits that

Honda can write any lease they want t, provided it’s in California for those juicy CARB-ZEV credits.

There are special CAR-ZEV provisons so for fleet use, also.

With CARB looking to soften its ZEV requirements this Thursday and their foolish endorsement of Hydrogen fracking cells, it’s clear that Honda is really interested in their bottom line and has only a passing interest in sustainability or the environment.