Zero Teaser Confirms High-Performance SR/F Model


Third one’s the charm.

Zero Motorcycles is setting the table for the launch of the newest addition to its lineup, the SR/F, scheduled to be unveiled on February 25. With only two pictures to work with so far, we’ve learned that Zero is working on a naked sportbike, while rumors of increased performance have been making the rounds. Zero has now released a third teaser and this time, it’s a video shedding some light on some of the key features of the new model, including the battery and the seemingly new motor.

There are two key numbers that are shown at the beginning and at the end of the teaser: 14.4 and 75-10. 14.4 (or more specifically FZ14.4), refers to Zero’s biggest-capacity battery, currently optional on the S and standard on the SR. With a capacity of 14.4 kWh—hence the name—it provides the S and SR with an average range of 120 miles.

The Z-Force “75-10” leaves a little more to the imagination. Zero currently uses a Z-Force 75-7 in the SR, an electric motor rated at 70hp, 116 lb-ft of torque, and able to deliver a top speed of 102 mph. The 7 stands for the size of the motor’s rotor (7 cm = 2.76 inches); it is the biggest unit Zero currently offers. Logically, the 10 suggests the new motor is getting a bigger rotor—close to 50-percent bigger—which in turn means the output numbers will get a significant boost.

Considering the SR (without the extra power tank) weighs in 414 lb and that the SR/F uses the same battery, I don’t suspect that the new model’s weight will be higher than the SR’s. The company has even confirmed that the electric motorcycle was built on a new platform and because it is performance-oriented, you would expect Zero to make a number of weight-reduction decisions along the design process. This means we are getting more power for possibly the same, if not a lower number on the scale—now we’re talking!

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the torque and power of an electric vehicle, but it is instant and extremely surprising if you don’t know what to expect. At 100hp and 116+ lb-ft of torque for roughly 400lb, the new SR/F is shaping up to be a proper crotch rocket. If the price is right, the LiveWire is going to get a run for its money.

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Can’t wait!

I am disapointed.I though that they planned to implement a bigger battery pack, something like 20 kwh, not only because they can, but also because it will be like their dinstictive seal, like tesla has the 100 kwh pack.The hope is, that at least, it seems, maybe I’m wrong, that they have included some kind of thermal management for their battery packs, that’s what I get from the short video.

My opinion, is that if they want to distinguish themselves from the competition, they have to add rapid charging to the mix, and the only way to achieve this is by throwing a TMS in the mix.The TMS aproach also solves the overheating issues they had with their motors.

If they deliver a TMS, that means they left what I call the “cheap way desing”, beacuse their battery design with the Farasis cells (NCM) is just awfull, cramping all those cells with glue on a battery pack in a motorbike soo expensive is a shame.

I don’t see why a more powerful motor is needed on these bikes. Are existing customers complaining that their Zeros aren’t powerful enough? A larger motor typically means higher price, which is a step in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned.

75 hp is good for an everyday bike but it won’t impress petrol heads. Many naked bikes are 100+ hp. And, unlike competitors, Zero has no gearbox, so it has to trade maximum speed for low speed torque.