Zero Motorcycles Conducts Demo Rides to Prove Electric Wins (w/video)

MAR 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

2014 Zero S

2014 Zero S

Zero Motorcycles is inviting motorcyclists to try out its new electric motorcycle line, which for 2014 consists of four models – S, SR, DS and FX.

As it turns out, after demo rides, feedback from those who’ve never ridden this type of EV before is extremely positive. Just watch video and you’ll see what we mean.

Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines challenged seven riders, none of whom had ridden an electric motorcycle, to put four different Zero Motorcycles through their paces. Find out what they thought.

We invite you to experience the advantages of electric for yourself. Schedule a demo ride with a Zero Motorcycles dealer at

Video produced and directed by Bonnier Motorcycle Group in partnership with Zero Motorcycles. Shot in and around Southern California in March 2013. Thanks to Perry King, Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines, and our seven riders for their time and great feedback.

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what is the average range on these bikes??

With the largest battery about 76 miles going at highway speed (70 mph) or 160 miles in city trafic.

Then get the Chademo-capable one and you can do twice that with a 1 hour lunch stop.

Wow, thats pretty good. thanks

I just find it fantastic that it has CHAdeMO at all! Wonder how quick it charges with 50kW!

Probably about 20 minutes to 80%. The smaller batteries can’t handle the full 50kW.

I’ve test ridden one of these before and would love to own one. If they can just knock off about $5K off of the SR model, I will get one. At it’s current price, I can just about get a 3rd Volt.

Well.. I guess there is no reason to have a third car when you can have your first all electric vehicule (or maybe not your first, I don’t know what you had except your Volts).

But I agree that price is an issue even though a lot of people who buy motorcycles don’t have that as their first concern (then they wouldn’t buy a MC at all).

As a 40 + years motorcyclist, and an EV supporter, I could not see one of these in my garage. Too pricey for the option level and range limit. I like a nice comfortable seat with room for my wife , a good windshield, some luggage capacity. Too niche for the common rider to consider.

I have 40 years as well. However, I would give my left one for one of these. Currently in my garage I have an RF900R, DL650, Bandit 1200, DR350, DR250 and two HD Sprints. I have left Santa Clara county exactly twice in the last 5 years. The range is fine for me. At this time the price is my concern. I could sell all of my bikes and still not have enough to pay for one of these. For me that sucks. 🙂