Zero Motorcycles Comples Largest-Ever Fleet Order for 59 Zero S Electric Bikes


Zero Motorcycles Hong Kong Team

Zero Motorcycles Hong Kong Team

delivered Zero S

Delivered Zero S

Zero Motorcycles raised the bar with its largest fleet sale to date with 59 Model Year 2012 Zero S electric bikes for the government of Hong Kong.

This deal owes thanks to Zero Motorcycles’ first eastern Asia distributor, Yuen Ho Trading Company, Ltd. (YHT), based in Hong Kong.

The majority of the Zeros will be provided to the Hong Kong Police Department for patrolling and special event purposes with a small allocation of the police motorcycles going to the Hong Kong Airport Police for traffic enforcement. The Police motorcycles have been up-fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for traffic enforcement.

“This is an incredible new relationship that has been forged between YHT, the Hong Kong government and Zero Motorcycles. Our international authority fleet programs continue to be one of our most successful channels for distribution and we look forward to working with the Hong Kong government on current and future programs,” said John Lloyd, Vice President, Global Sales, Zero Motorcycles. “We couldn’t put this program together without YHT. They are an invaluable new partner for Zero. It’s our intention to keep securing strong partnerships like YHT in Asia as it’s one of the fastest growing e-markets in the world.”

Zero S presentation

Zero S Presentation

Something electric is in the air in Hong Kong, because just a couple of days ago BYD delivered its first bath of 45 e6 taxis there and is also in the process of building out a charging infrastructure for them.

Other big news for Zero is that, in Europe, the 2013 Zero S electric motorcycle was, for the third time in a row, named “European e-Motorbike of the Year,” which shows that the California start-up is currently the clear leader in this segment. Second place went to the 2013 Zero DS.  That’s segment domination.

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