Zero Motorcycles Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

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10th Anniversary Zero DSR

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

Zero Motorcycles turns 10 years old this month..

The company was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2006 as “Electricross” by Neal Saiki, a motorcycle enthusiast, and aeronautical engineer and innovator.

“The company’s heritage involves cutting-edge technology, motorcycle craftsmanship and action sports. After a decade of innovation and California-based manufacturing, Zero is the longest running electric motorcycle company in the world and continues to transform the global landscape of two-wheeled transportation.”

You can find rich timeline of stories chronicling the rise of the company here.

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

Zero will celebrate the 10th anniversary with special Zero DSR 10th Anniversary model. Only 50 units will be build and sold for $18,995 MSRP.

“The centerpiece of Zero’s celebration is the 10th Anniversary Zero DSR. Fifty of the flagship motorcycles will be handcrafted at Zero’s California headquarters. The limited edition model is designed to be Zero’s most elegant and refined, with signature touches of metallic black paint, custom graphics, as well as a full complement of accessories. It’s the first model to include a factory-installed Charge Tank, allowing customers to expand their riding opportunities by using the increasing network of Level 2 charge stations. As a versatile dual sport, the 10th Anniversary Zero DSR is a nod to Zero’s off-road roots.

One of Zero’s founding principles is to provide riders with a thrilling experience while making their lives, and the world around them, better.”

Zero Motorcycles has also prepared a special gift for all consumers, who would like to buy one of the company’s 2016 model year motorcycle this month.

Zero S, SR, DS and DSR all qualify for a $1,000 gift card, while the FX & FXS get a $650 gift card.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles

That’s not all! Zero announced that it will cover the cost of all the clutches, oil filters, spark plugs and oil changes for your new Zero over its entire life! Which of course is because no clutch or oil is found in the e-bike, and they require no routine powertrain maintenance.

“Zero is also offering a special gift to buyers. Through the month of June, purchasers of a new 2016 Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, or Zero DSR will receive a $1,000 gift card. Customers purchasing a new 2016 Zero FX or Zero FXS will receive a $650 gift card. (This offer does not apply to 10th Anniversary Zero DSR.)”

Zero Motorcycles CEO Richard Walker said:

“At a time when electric vehicles were little more than a far-flung idea, for even the most tech-savvy riders, the founders saw the potential to transform an industry. Over the last 10 years, we’ve passed one milestone after another to redefine the motorcycle experience by eliminating the typical heat, complexity, noise, vibration and maintenance headaches of gas-fueled bikes. The result is exhilarating, and we’re still just getting started.”

Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer said:

“We estimate that Zero riders have offset about 13 million pounds of CO2 and saved over $2,000,000 on gasoline,” said . “While the economics and environmental impacts tell a compelling story, the real advantage to our customers is the thrilling magic carpet ride.”

Zero Party –  September 10, 2016

Zero owners will soon receive invitations to join Zero staff and notable personalities for motorcycle rides, factory tours, technical seminars, food and entertainment at 10th anniversary celebration on September 10.

“This event may be the first-ever motorcycle gathering where the attendees make more noise than their bikes,” said Walker.

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

10th Anniversary Zero DSR

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Congratulations! You guys rock!

Congrats Zero on 10 years! I couldn’t be happier with my 13 Zero S. So happy in facr that i’m getting a 2016 Zero SR. Keep up the great work!


I have had a 2016 SR since the beginning of February after trading in my 2014 SR. Put over 1284 miles on it last week alone by riding out to western NC and riding around the area including northern GA. Just love that electric motor when you get into the tight twisties out there. Zero has upgraded the brakes and suspension on the 2016 model compared to the 2014 model. Really great bike. Enjoy!

Do these bikes have regenerative braking?

Yes they do. Via a smart phone app and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control its acceleration and regen strength, or just use the factory presets on a toggle switch between sport and eco.

My 2015 FX 5.7 is the most fun bike I have owned. But the range is a drawback.

Congratulations Zero. I love my 2014 SR and what you guys are doing.

Make a cruiser already, ZERO. Cruisers are like 90% of the US motorcycle market, and the torquey electric motor is a perfect fit for such a bike. Range is also not an issue because most cruisers just go from one bar to another, with plenty of time to recharge in between.

I would have traded my Road King in on a Zero if Zero made touring bikes like my Road King. I will probably avoid electric motorcycles in the future and just go with the safety, comfort and long range of the Bolt. Giving up motorcycles for me is a hard decision to make but lack of choices and age (reluctant to say old yet) have forced me into it.

BTW, I gave up my Road King so I could pay for my FFE.

One of things that got me was that I could get an almost new FFE for less than the price of a new Harley or Zero.

Ten years on, and they’re still using that ugly, cheapo headlight housing. Get a new headlight already Zero!

On the other hand, they’re the only legit game in town when it comes to electric motorcycles, so they can do what they like I guess.

Congratulations Zero!