Zero Motorcycles: Bob Burnquist Gets New Toy, We Get to Watch Him Play


In Zero Motorcycle news, Bob Burnquist has joined Zero as “Ambassador to the Brand”, we learned via press release.  Bob, in case you don’t follow extreme sports, is “…the most winning X Games athlete in the contest’s history and a globally recognized action sports icon.”  …kind of an interesting move, since Burnquist is better known for his skateboarding than his motorcycle exploits.

Read all about him here.

Here’s the release:

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (Aug. 12, 2015) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that Bob Burnquist has joined the extended family of Zero riders and is now an ambassador for the brand. Burnquist is the most winning X Games athlete in the contest’s history and a globally recognized action sports icon.

“I’ve always been fascinated by motorcycles, so I’m stoked to get rolling with Zero,” said Burnquist. “What they stand for is completely in line with my love of adrenaline and passion for innovation and clean technology.”

Burnquist chose two distinct Zero motorcycles: the extremely versatile Zero DS dual sport and the wickedly playful Zero FX stealthfighter. “I’m fortunate to have both bikes available, as I enjoy all kinds of riding,” he said.

“Bob’s a personal hero to many at Zero. Working with an athlete of his caliber is a huge honor,” said Scot Harden, VP of Global Marketing at Zero.

Check out Bob taking delivery, and getting to know his new toys here:

Moved way ahead and got a ZERO Motorcycle! These are so much fun and so quiet and so electric! 100% Electric to be exact! I can't believe this is reality right now. Thanks Zero Team for putting this amazing product together. This is going to be a fun ride! Check this thing out!!!Dez passos a frente com minha moto ZERO! Diversão pura, totalmente quieta e totalmente elétrica! 100% Elétrica pra ser exato. Inacreditável que essa é a realidade agora. Obrigado a toda equipe ZERO pelo produto incrivel! So alegria e eletricidade agora. Olha isso mano!@zeromotorcycles#zeromotorcycleswww.zeromotorcycles.com

Posted by Bob Burnquist on Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Is this a fake motor noise they added or the real one?

It is so annoying!

its the sound of the transmission and chain

most all bikes produce a similiar sound which is masked by the much louder combustion engine

some electric bikes are better than others at transmission noise

i do think its a bit loud in this video, i have watched vids of guys taking the FX out in woods trails and it was nearly silent

I’m pretty sure that’s the sound of the chain drive option. If it is custom, he may have ordered it with the larger 75-7 motor, effectively making it an MX. I can’t visually confirm either from the video though.

Turns out I’m wrong. According to photos on Zero’s facebook page, its a normal belt drive FX. I can’t explain why the video sounds so different, other than perhaps the camera case distorting it.

Possibly the microphone is more sensitive to the belt than human hearing. I’ve ridden the FX and the belt noise didn’t stand out as much as it did in this video.

Get some proper motorcycle boots Bob, if your feet are wrecked, so is your career. I have had two accidents in 12 years of riding and both times my foot was seriously injured, and that was DESPITE wearing proper boots. I don’t even want to think about what my foot would have looked like if I had been wearing Chucks.