Zero Motorcycles Adds to North American Sales Network


Right on cue, following up our story the other day, Zero announced that it’s adding to its North American network.  By “network” Zero means its regional sales team, specifically Eric Gallion (based in New York and responsible for Zero’s eastern region), Ron Luttrell in Atlanta, and responsible for the South, and Chuck Schram, managing the central region out of Minneapolis.

The complete release:


Strong Demand Fuels Double-Digit Dealer Growth and Additions to Sales Team

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (March 11, 2015) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that three new regional sales directors have been added to the company’s roster in the first quarter of 2015. The expansion of the sales team comes in response to rapid growth within the dealer network and reflects Zero’s commitment to delivering world-class products and service.

“We are enjoying a great response to our 2015 line of motorcycles and accessories, and it’s driving accelerated growth,” said Mike Cunningham, director of North American sales and dealer development at Zero. “To support and sustain this momentum, we are investing in a bigger, stronger team and partnering with leading motorcycle retailers.”

The new regional sales directors are Eric Gallion, Ron Luttrell and Chuck Schram. Each is a dedicated motorcycle enthusiast and veteran of the powersports industry. Gallion is based in New York and responsible for Zero’s eastern region. Luttrell covers the south from his home office in Atlanta. Schram manages the central region and lives in the greater Minneapolis area.

With electric motorcycles gaining traction and Zero at the forefront, some of the nation’s leading motorcycle retailers are joining Zero’s expanding network. “We have been watching Zero for a while,” said Willie Hodgson, general manager of San Jose BMW in San Jose, California. “With the increased interest from our customers and the advancements Zero has made, we felt the time was right to bring them on board.”

As the motorcycle industry ramps up for the key springtime selling season, the combination of Zero Motorcycles’ unique products, strong service and innovative digital marketing strategy work together to bring more people into Zero dealers. Eric Halladay, owner of SF Moto in San Francisco, California, reports, “The word is out…electric motorcycles are a viable option for an ever-widening range of riders. In just our first month as a Zero dealer, the number of calls and requests for test rides that we get each day has blown us away.”

Jim Dauria, owner of North Miami Motorsports in Florida, recently added the 2015 line of Zero motorcycles to his business. “Since we brought Zero Motorcycles into our dealership, we are seeing customers we otherwise would have never seen, which is extremely valuable to our business,” he said, “They are very enthusiastic.”

Motorcycle retailers interested in Zero Motorcycles may request more information or apply online to become a dealer at

About Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the motorcycling experience by bringing to market highly innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance. Zero is powered by innovation, driven by passion, guided by integrity and measured by results. Through extensive research, insight and experience, Zero combines the art and science of motorcycle development to create and manufacture products that excite consumers and inspire brand loyalty. Every model is designed and built in California. Zero is determined to be the preeminent global electric motorcycle company.

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what painfully cheesy marketing babble in the third to last paragraph …

Yeah, that paragraph is mind numbing marketing filler BS. They use the word ‘measure’ in the paragraph, and yet none of those sentences can be measured or quantified.

So if Zero is added to something else (like the NA Sales Network), and that something else becomes larger because of the addition, does that therefore prove that Zero is not null, but is a positive number?

yuval Brandstetter MD

those comments are churlish. Why not cry kudos to a business which starts from scratch and delivers a wonderful product where others fail to and has a plan and action of delivering still better machines and fun?
And now its up to Zero to solves the quick charge connundrum so that electric motorcycling steps out of the local niche and becomes truely mainstream.
Y Brandstetter MD
happy owner of the FX funmachine

My local BMW motorcycle dealership just sent me an email announcing that they are now an authorized Zero dealership and are offering test rides. I plan to check out the SR soon.