Zero Motorcycle Video – You Have The Right To Remain Silent


Zero¬†(via posted this awesome video featuring the town of Ceres, CA Police Dept’s adoption of electric motorcycles, making some interesting points about how a near-silent mount can contribute to effective law enforcement – complete with awesome ’70s CHIPS music. ¬†Enjoy.

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5 responses to "Zero Motorcycle Video – You Have The Right To Remain Silent"
  1. Mikael says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  2. Speculawyer says:

    “You have the right to remain silent.” . . . clever tagline. They should use that to sell Zeros to police departments.

  3. jimjam says:

    Funny Thing About Ev’s …, Nobody Ever Mentions That Is Is ALSO.. *N0* “NOISE Pollution” As Well!

  4. Phr3d says:

    Dear Tesla, opportunity knocks!

    Please consider outfitting a couple dozen MS for police departments and matching the price of the Crown Vic or whatever they -would- have chosen, mod it to their spec and let them complete due-diligence on usefulness and costs.. see how it turns out!

    everyone in pollution covered communities that would Really appreciate one less heavily-polluting 24/7 vehicle on our streets

  5. Bruce says:

    I rather have NightRider theme…