Zero FX Rides Rubicon Trail – Video


Zero FX Rides The Rubicon

Zero FX Rides The Rubicon

The Rubicon Trail is no match for the electric Zero FX.

According to Zero, these are most likely the first electric vehicles to ever complete the rugged Rubicon!

Video description:

“Five riders from the Zero Motorcycles R&D crew tackled the famous Rubicon Trail in October. All five completed the rugged off-road trip, becoming (as far as we know) the first to do so on electric vehicles. Bonus points for accomplishing the feat on essentially stock Zero motorcycles. All in the name of “product testing.”

“Congrats to Jamie, Josh, Micah, Luke and Kyle! And, a tip of the helmet to the Zero FX for its trail worthiness (the motorcycles each finished with about 50% battery remaining).”

For more details on Zero’s lineup of electric motorcycles, click here.

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Myself and a group of mostly engineers take on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system every October. Hatfield-McCoy has over eight trail heads and 300+ miles of trails. We typically ride 120 hard miles over the week end trek. Every year I daydream of making the ride electric. This Rubicon run puts us one step closer to one day seeing all motor sports being fully electric.

Not much ‘sport’ in helping erode trails, hillsides, contaminating streams and disturbing wildlife. Wheels in woods are bad– whatever they’re powered by. Nature is for hiking in, not driving in.

Not much “sport” in walking around dirt and stepping on native vegetation, increasing eroson, scaring off native animals, especially removing/killing off predators to make it “safe” for walkers.

Fact is, motor trails are small minority, and impact is minor. Enjoy it where you can.

Better include “hooves” to your erosion list, for horseback riding erodes at an aggressive rate as well.

Owning 50+ acres of trail laden land where I am the primary manager of the trail system and sharing in the management of 150+ more acres, it has a lot to do with how you control it. There will always be a certain level of runoff, but even worse if you allow rain runoff to travel the trail system.

The Rubicon is officially a road.


I guess some would see the lack of engine nide a negative but to me it seems amzing that you can enjoy the thrill of this challenging off-roading and still be able to chat to your friends and hear the local fauna going about their business. Bring on the day when the ICE is gone, for my money… MW

Looks like you rode from Tahoe Staging to the top of Cadillac. Any plans to ride the Rubicon in total? I’m a huge fan and am excited to see you take a stab at this, but you kinda rode the easy part, gents.

On this map, we went from 1 to 15.×4-trail-california/map

Camped the night before, then out on the granite early. Highly recommended!!

The video does not show that you tackled any of the more difficult sections. I saw no rock gardens in the vids.