Zero FX Electric Motorcycle Amazes Autogefühl – Video

SEP 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

Autogefühl switched from its usual four wheel electric coverage to two wheels while testing the Zero FX electric motorcycle, which turned out to be exceptionally fun to ride.

Zero FX in Autogefühl test drive

Autogefühl’s Thomas, with his motorcycle backgroud in hand (who knew?), was simply amazed by the Zero FX, and turned in his usual 2 minute extremely thorough review

Thomas clearly didn’t expected to find so much fun with the FX (more than any ICE bike) and strongly encourages all the petrol-heads to give it a try without prejudice.

In Europe, Zero motorcycles are available through a growing dealer network, that can be seen here.

Some other interesting facts:
– one complete recharge costs approx. 1 Euro
– equipped with ABS (anti blocking system), mandatory in the EU since 2016
– front disc brake tends to squeeze a little when being pulled really tight
– exact spring travel: 21 cm / 22 cm
– wheelbase: 1,43 m / 4 ft 7
– weight: 131 kg
– power output: 44 hp / 106 Nm
– warranty: 2 years on the bike, 5 years on the battery

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Funny to hear “I will never buy gas(vehicle) again”. Video after video you hear that refrain. We say the same thing. We are on our 2nd EV and will never go back. We pulled our new ICE Suv out of the garage and drove it to town(35 miles). We were both comparing it to our new EV. No comparison. The SUV was noisy, clunky, etc. We were wanting to be back in our EV. I kept thinking that the EV has more sound proofing than the SUV. I could hear more outside noise in the SUV. I was really surprised.

Good video. We had a Zero dealer in our town. Makes me want to test drive a Zero.

I think you’ll be disappointed with the Zero’s sound proofing

‘Anti blocking system’
Thank heaven. This will keep ICE vehicles out of EV charging spots, right?

ABS stands for (anti-lock braking) system please fix

(anti-lock braking system)*

A nit of course, but ABS is actually a German abbreviation. The original systems were developed cooperatively by BMW and Mercedes; the acronym is “Anti-Blockier System”, which stands for Anti-{brake}-Lock SYstem.

You can still buy one with a modular battery or use Zeros quick chargers (up to 4 at once?)