Zero Announces Launch Of Its 2016 Electric Motorcycles


This just in from Zero:

Zero Motorcycles Set To Launch 2016 Electric Motorcycles

Innovations in Technology and Expanded Model Range to Be Announced at AIMExpo

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Sept. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today revealed that the company’s 2016 line of motorcycles and accessories will be unveiled October 15-18th at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando, Florida. An exclusive media presentation will be given on Thursday, October 15th, at 2:30pm EDT in the AIMExpo Media Hub.

“In addition to great features, we have some new things in store that are the direct result of customer feedback,” said Scot Harden, Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Marketing. “After a record year in 2015, there is no doubt that we will bring many new riders on board in 2016.”

Zero invites motorcycle dealers, media and enthusiasts to visit at AIMExpo booth #1249. Demo rides will be available at AIMExpo Outdoors! on Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18.

That’s all we have for now, and only a short ten days or so until the launch.  Do we have guesses on the new features?  Of course, but nothing earth-shattering.  Maybe some charging improvement, maybe some options (based on “customer feedback” – heated grips?), and hey, what about a parking brake?  …but in the meantime, let’s watch movies from last year, shall we?  Roll tape:

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Maybe an urban scooter?

A Scooter and or a Crusier is what I’m hoping for!

My guess: optional fairings for the S, DS and SR models.
Perhaps slightly upgraded batteries? Fast charging support as standard? Improved seat?

How about a cruiser 🙂

I double down that!

I’m guessing a Mike Corbin seat will be available again now that he is riding a Zero S.

A real L2 charger capable of 6+ kW is what is really needed. Cruise control and a real touring model would be nice.

In addition to the NEMA 5-15 three prong ca. 1 kW charging, sure would be nice to have 6+ kW J-1772 L2 quick charging the default with CCS combo (or CHAdeMO) DC fast charging as factory option, as that is easiest standard set compatible with the greatest number of growing public and residential charging stations in the Americas, Europe and Asia (and Australia and environs). Yes, I understand that the power pack choices and voltage present challenges, as motorcycles are not cars, although I’d love to see the BMW i3 REX or similar drivetrain in a fat, tall, long and bottom heavy motorcycle at every single dealership.

I made my own cruise control. I used my iphone app to program eco mode to the minimum top speed which i believe was 60 mph. Then i could just hold the throttle wide open which was alot easier on the wrist. But a real cruise control would be nice. And i always wished i had a J1772 charger inlet on board with at least 3.3kw charging. 6.6kw would be awesome. I think i just talked myself into a 2016 model if it has either.

I contiplated selling my 2012 Harley Road King and buying a Zero but the lack of cruise control and a L2 charger really turned me off. I bought a 2013 FFE instead. Still the long range of the Zero would have saved me a lot of time on the trip I just took in my FFE from Texas to Colorado and back. I would have needed the 6.6 kW charger though, the 3.3 kW would have made the trip almost as slow as driving in my FFE.

L2 charging is a serious lack, agreed.

But cruise control? Really? On a motorcycle, you have both hands on the bars 99.5% of the time anyway (if you don’t, you’re riding unsafely). Granted, letting the right wrist/fingers rest every once in a while is highly desirable… But you don’t need speed-dialed cruise control for that, just something like a $11 crampbuster.

We don’t want cruise control to stop the right hand from going numb although that does happen. I use cruise control as a speed limiter. When travelling long distances on an electric motorcycle or in my Leaf, i like to travel at 50-55mph in the rightmost lane to get the best possible range. Without cruise control, do you have any idea how hard it is to keep it at 55 mph? Its way to easy to ride a Zero at 75 mph weaving through traffic….. And killing your range. I had the same problem with my Mini E and my Imiev without cruise, before you know it you’re going 70 mph with everyone else and there goes your range. I use cruise control to go slow and also avoid speeding tickets. I wont buy a electric car now that doesn’t have it. It should be very easy to add to an electric bike. I agree in 20 years of riding gas powered street motorcycles, i never needed cruise control. But an electric motorcycle with a 100 mile range, it makes a big difference.

Cruise control, really? I’ve been riding for more than 25 years and never needed “cruise control”.

Give me the equivalent an electric Honda Pacific Coast and I’d be happy. That was the epitome of the cruising motorcycle.

My Road King has cruise control and I use the cruise control all the time, even in the city. Before I bought the Road King I had a Concourse and dreamed about having cruise control. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 45 years, I’ve crossed the country several times on motorcycles and I prefer to not have another motorcycle without cruise control. One of the main attractions of the Zero is long distance on electric power. Traveling long distances on a motorcycle without cruise control is not very attractive to me.

Zero DSR please please please please…

Hollywood Electrics will frankenbuild you a DSR today. Granted, they’ll charge more than the factory would, but why wouldn’t they?

Maybe they’ll finally have a decent looking headlight. Pretty much every other OEM can manage it, don’t see why they can’t.

Cruise control? Only after they upped the range so that it mattered first.

Existing users ask for, or improvise.
LED lights.
Level 2 charging.

Battery will always improve slightly, drastically? Not yet.

Expanded product range.. Cruiser? Two monoliths. Done. Three Wheeler 4 monoliths. Done.

Greater Range & Less Weight for the FX. A good gas powered dirtbike will do 60 miles offroad and come in @ 235# to 275# ready to ride. They need to get to 60 miles offroad @ about 250# ready to ride & sales will go up significantly if the quality of the components is comparable to the major manufacturers in this segment.

But I doubt that Zero can compete with the LS218. That thing is incredible!

Not sure that they need to. Lightning isn’t exactly competitive when it comes to sales. Seems to me that Zero’s giving people what they want more than anybody else who’s selling electric motorcycles.

All they really need is some styling work, to attract people who are looking for more than just an electric bike. Which is quite a big step forward from where they were just a few years ago.

How about a reto-styled cafe racer? Or a cruiser/chopper? Those would have the great advantage (compared to a sports bike) that the current powertrain would be fully sufficient.