Motor Trend Deep Dive – Examining 2.28-Second 0-60 MPH Time For Tesla Model S P100D With Ludicrous +

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Motor Trend has taken a deeper dive into the 2.28 seconds (0-60 mph) acceleration record by Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous +, already discussed by Engineering Explained. The P100DL was especially interesting because it’s a rare case of a car that can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less time than it takes to brake back down to 0 mph.

Tesla P100DL

Here’s the breakdown of acceleration’s stage:

  • T≥ -1 minute: Ludicrous+ mode activation
  • T≥ -2.00 sec: Launch mode activation
  • T≥ -1.00 sec: Launch mode ready (accelerator engaged, brakes holds the car in place)
  • T= -0.26 seconds: driver releases brake and car accelerates (combined output from two motors: 791 lb-ft of torque, 0.71g acceleration averaged over the first foot of travel)
  • T= 0.00 sec: Timer running after 1-foot mark (5.9 mph, average 1.30 g of longitudinal acceleration)
  • T= 0.40 sec: peak acceleration at 10.3 mph1.41 g
  • T= 0.87 sec: at 30 mph – 1.14 g, distance covered: 24 feet 8 inches (1.5 car lengths)
  • T= 1.30 sec: peak battery current: 1,850 amps
  • T= 1.76 sec: combined motor output power peaks at 680 hp at 51.0 mph. Average acceleration at 10-50 mph is 1.14 g
  • T= 2.28 sec: 60 mph speed after 120 feet 2 inches (7.4 car lengths) using 0.33 kWh of energy
  • T= 10.52 sec: at 125 mph motors are spinning at 14,600 rpm (front) and 14,200 rpm (rear). Acceleration decreases to 0.22 g. Energy used – 1.53 kWh
  • average deceleration while braking from 50 mph to 10 mph is 1.11 g

Source: Motor Trend

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18 responses to "Motor Trend Deep Dive – Examining 2.28-Second 0-60 MPH Time For Tesla Model S P100D With Ludicrous +"
  1. Nix says:

    Hopefully the comments here won’t be a repeat of the moron switchboard over on Motor Trend. The comments section over there is a living tribute to intentional ignorance fueled by threatened masculinity. It is a good thing that MT’s mods are doing a good job of moderating over there, or it would be even worse.

    1. Ziv says:

      I hit MT just to up vote the BEV backers. I love the sound of a V8. But those guys are blind to change.

      1. ffbj says:

        Pretty lame, but boys gotta have vroom, vroom.

        1. Ziv says:

          I got a laugh out of the video. But it does have a point. The sound of a V8 or V6 is a huge part of what you associate with the driving experience. Or at least I associate it with the driving experience.

          1. FME III says:

            As a Volt driver who only needs the gas generator on my occasional road trips to visit relatives, I have a new saying anytime I hear the vroom-vroom of a muscle car (or any other ICE for that matter): “That sounds SO 20th-century.”

  2. SparkEV says:

    1.3g and 1.41g suggests that the acceleration is power limited, not traction limited. Since acceleration would rely more on the rear tires than front (more on front), it seems Tesla with enough power could pull 1.4g, making it less than 2 seconds for 0-60.

    1. SparkEV says:

      err.. “front (more on braking)”

  3. Gene says:

    There is a reason why all the Tesla reports are coming from the drag strips rather than the race tracks. It can only do one before overheating the powertrain and brakes. When Car & Driver took a Model S to the track, the results it showed were between the high performance models of Ford Focus and Jeep Grand Cherokee- in other words- quite average.

    1. Ziv says:

      Nick Padmore owns one of Goodwoods lap records & he took a Tesla X there and recorded a pretty decent laptime with no overheating issues. Most of the records for the tracks are for single laps so the BEV’s will probably be breaking the ICE records within 2 or 3 years.

      The BEV’s still won’t be able to race more than a couple laps without overheating, but they will have crossed one more barrier.

  4. ffbj says:

    Drops a coin in the mausoleum. Seems sort of dead round these parts lately. Not that I’m complaining, I don’t want to be wisked off the corn-field.

  5. Anderlan says:

    330Whr will get you a mile at highway speeds, more in the neighborhood. Or, it can get you 120 feet in 2.28 seconds 🙂

    1. David Cary says:

      But coast down from 60 mph will be almost a mile – so no huge loss.

      1. Ziv says:

        I don’t think the coast down to 0 mph will be energy free. Flooring the accelerator like this will heat up the pack so the AC may kick in & stay on for a minute or two to cool the pack back down.
        Or you could gently brake the car and turn around and get 40-50% of the energy back.

  6. FFE 1 says:

    This whole post makes me gag really. In real world situations the S has no competition. The GT upcoming racing series will put an EV on the track a car meant for that purpose. Maybe one of you knuckleheads can pick one of those up, drive it on the track, and then post something meaningful here instead of trolling our page yearning for your gurgling V8s and the days of yore – give me a break – really…

    1. Ziv says:

      What, your idea is the only one allowed? LOL!
      Gas engines are old tech, but they do several jobs very well and do it in a very entertaining way. They may be inefficient and stink, but they furnish transportation in a wide variety of ways and do it with panache.
      Not everyone is ready for electric cars, and some of us will probably keep a foot in both camps.

    2. DL says:

      As already posted on this website, the GT cars can only do a couple or three laps at racing speeds before overheating and notching down performance… still a ways to go unfortunately.

  7. JIMJFOX says:

    O/T? Maybe but I think not.

    Islamic terrorism, mosque growth globally, the Islamic ‘refugees’ invading Europe; infiltration of the U.S. Obama government all made possible mainly by Saudi/Wahabi OIL revenues.

    I can find no plausible explanation for western infatuation with Islam other than that politicians, power brokers and academia have all accepted the Saudi shilling.

    I hate that it sounds like conspiracy theory but the evidence says otherwise. Is this to be the final price we pay for OIL?

  8. JIMJFOX says:

    Maybe this is not the appropriate place to be making political comment. Yet I see electrification as the circuit breaker [pun intended] from dependence on a country with the worst human rights record in the world…