ZelectricBug: Converted Electric VW Bug (Beetle) to Launch in 2013 with Sub-$60,000 Price (Video)


ZelectricBug Out For Maiden Voyage

ZelectricBug Out For Maiden Voyage

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle is reborn electric.


ZelectricBug Barely Visible in Side View Mirror

ZelectricBug presents the “car you grew up with” that’s “classic icon outside” with “tomorrowland-electric drive inside.”

The first ZelectricBug (the firms name for its converted VW Bugs) isn’t scheduled for completion until late Spring 2013, but that didn’t stop Zelectric from already hitting the streets in its near-complete electric Bug for an early maiden voyage.

In production form, the pure electric ZelectricBug will have a range of 80 to 100 miles and be capable of zipping from 0 to 60 mph in “under 9 seconds.  Top speed will be over 80 mph and a manual transmission is part of the package.

The ultimate goal of Zelectric is to convert various 50s and 60s Volkswagen Beetles over to electric.  Conversions include 58-66 convertible; 58-63 ragtop sunroof; 58-66 sedan; and 64-66 sedan with sunroof.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of owning an electric Beetle, then perhaps Zelectric will transform that dream into reality.

The conversion firm hopes to kick production into high gear in late 2013 and says its target price (which includes the cost of the donor vehicle and restoration) will be in the range of $45,000 to $60,000.

For more info on Zelectric, check out the conversion firm’s website by clicking here.

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8 Comments on "ZelectricBug: Converted Electric VW Bug (Beetle) to Launch in 2013 with Sub-$60,000 Price (Video)"

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Good luck. Maybe they can get a government loan!

Looks pretty zippy, but I just don’t understand the target audience. Aging hippies who want the ultimate peace & love & environment vehicle?

Leaving the manual transmission is another mistake. Although I can drive one, how many Americans can? 10%? Less? Why is a transmission necessary? Leave the car in 2nd and be done with it.

On the positive side, the car looked pretty zippy.

They will never sell more then a few it will be anougther CODA i love the VW beatle and had many when i was younger now i own a volt but for that price you might as well get a tesla it is just too EXPENSIVE for what u are geting i wish them all the luck in the world
but no way would i buy stock in a company like that

In their defense, though, they are using ’58-’66 Beetles, and those are very collectible.

I kinda want one in candy apple red. It would be a cute weekend car.

Do you get a Rust Discount?

so if they are converting 58-68 beetles, is it a 58-68 beetle anymore?
if you lose the engine then what you have left is the steel. i don’t see it as a classic any longer. but i wish them all the luck of this world.

Very very interesting that they are *ONLY* converting Bugs with 6 volt systems. 1967 was the first 12 volt volkswagen.

For the price of TWO LEAFS, you can have a much smaller car with less passenger safety equipment and dubious crashworthiness. How is this awesome, again?