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Continuing our line of thought about Zero drivetrains being used in custom bikes, here’s the ZecOO, a Japanese-built essentially custom motorcycle built around the Zero drivetrain, designed by Koza Netu.  With hub-center steering, it’s certainly a design dream, maybe an engineering nightmare…  at the very least, a solution for a problem that doesn’t really exist, perhaps.

This is a story that’s a couple years old, though, but the dream still appears to be alive via Cycle World.  Mabye this is just breaking over in ICE bike land.

Some photos:

Swingarm detail

Front steering and suspension: Dept of Excessive Engineering?

Rear suspension

Rear suspension

Final belt drive

Final belt drive, with scary taillight thing

Cherry blossoms.  Because: Japan

Cherry blossoms. Because: Japan (note dash instrumentation)

Specs?  Would we let you down?


Length x Width x Height 2,450 x 800 x 1,160 mm
Wheel base 1,830 mm
Seat height 670 mm
Suspension Front : Double swing-arm / Rear : Swing-arm
Steering hub centered steering
Brakes Front : Hydraulic single disc / Rear : Hydraulic single disc + Regenerative brake
Tire size Front : 150/60 ZR-18 / Rear : 240/40 ZR-18
Drivetrain Belt drive
Frame type VTF (Vertical Twin Frame)
Weight 280 kg
Motor max power 50 kW
Motor max torque 144 Nm
Top speed 160 km/h
Range 160 km
Battery type Lithium ion
Battery capacity 11.4 kWh
Charger type 1.3 kW (On-board)
Charge time 8 hours (100V) / 4 hours (200V)
Riding capacity  1


Price (Japanese domestic) 8,880,000 JPY (FOB)

We searched around for clips of this thing actually under power, and found this.  Somehow, a couple of things come to mind.  The first, is an almost indescribable feeling of watching sort of a guy on a lawnmower pushing a shopping cart.  Second, a review we read back, oh maybe 20 years ago comparing several large touring bikes, and describing riding a Harley FLCH in the “twisties” segment of the review.  “The only thing scarier…” started the reviewer, “…than riding the Harley through the curves, was seeing another one coming at you from the other direction while doing so.” 


For some more, don’t miss the recent Cycle World story, here.

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As they’re advertising 50 kW, they’re likely using the SR powertrain (debuted in 2014). It may be somewhat newer than a couple of years.


I like the side profile, just awesome the way you can just sit up a bit more, more like a moped.

Remove the fairing, add a tray and there you have a freight bike!


Thanks for sharing Ted. Always enjoy the two wheeler articles.

Richard Harmon

I’m impressed. Really nice engineering and fabrication. Looks good too! Much better than a certain “Tesla” design that has popped up on the internet recently.


I’m a bit concerned that lower front suspension arm is going to touch-down in deep left hand turns.


Being a Harley rider myself, I can only half agree with the above statement. What scares me, is seeing anyone riding in the twisties coming at me who can barely ride in the straight-aways.

As to this design, single-sided-hub-center steering has been something of a unicorn. It’s hard to get all the parts right. It’s not as simple as putting the steering knuckle from a car into a bike, the steering geometry would be completely off. But it looks like they are using an asymmetrical wheel to compensate.

Richard Gozinya

What the heck is with that rear sprocket? That thing is ridiculous.