ZAP Gets Pre-Qualified For USPS’ Next-Gen Delivery Vehicle

MAY 20 2015 BY STAFF 15

Zap Jonway Shows Off The E380 In Turkey This Past December

Zap Jonway Shows Off The E380 In Turkey This Past December

Remember that massive USPS fleet order we reported on awhile back? Well, it seems electric car maker ZAP is on the list on per-qualified contenders to fill the order.

ZAP intends to re-purpose a truck body to the specs required by the USPS.  Both electric and CNG models will be presented for the bid.

ZAP pre-qualified for USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle

ZAP, an EV company incorporated in California and a partner of China’s Jonway Auto, received pre-qualification notice from the US Postal Service (USPS) for the development of new energy efficient postal delivery vehicles under the USPS’ Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) program. As a result, ZAP will participate in the formal proposal process and will begin a trial with the new product in first quarter 2016.

This pre-qualification selection was a result of a Request for Information and Prequalification/Sources Sought by USPS for its NGDV issued on 20 January 2015. The purpose of this Request was to inform prospective suppliers about preliminary draft specifications and plans for the acquisition of the NGDV fleet replacements. The USPS operates a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles in all areas of the United States and its territories. The contract, when awarded to a single supplier, will call for delivery of a minimum of 3,000 vehicles by January 2018 to start with.

ZAP has been working with USPS since 2009 on the initial proposal for clean energy vehicles. ZAP was at that time selected as one of a few vendors to undergo trial to be selected to supply USPS with electric powertrain conversion of their traditional USPS trucks. After several years of trial, USPS decided last year that this program to adopt clean energy vehicles should be done with completely new trucks or vans more suitably designed to be powered by clean energy.

ZAP Jonway is working with a couple of large truck manufacturers and is in the process of finalizing its partnerships to support the repurposing of the truck’s body to meet the specifications for this USPS opportunity. ZAP Jonway hopes to utilize this repurposed clean energy truck which will have models in both electric as well as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to expand into the US clean energy delivery fleet market.

After getting the products qualified and type approved in the US for the USPS, ZAP hopes to target other similar delivery companies interested in the same kind of products for their fleets.

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Is GM still not pre-qualified? Do they have no interest in this opportunity to leverage economies of scale with battery prices?

Does GM even have a vehicle that would work for the USPS?

What about Nissan and their eNV200 van? Is that pre-qualified?

I think any automaker has the structure for this. What’s limited is their battery technologies.

By the way, my understanding is the enV doesn’t meet US crash standards, though I hope they come to the US with it soon.

For the USPS, any vehicle can have the right battery tech shoved in it, as long as their specs are met. Turns out they don’t seat 5 people in their vans. 😉

Dear Sweet Behjebus– NOT ZAP JONWAY!!!! How can this scam of a company legitimately pre-qualify for anything????

And whatever happened to the Aptera, you lying MF’ers?

My thoughts exactly.


I miss Aptera.

While electric is a great choice for USPS fleet, I prefer a USA-made/owned supplier.

Well, are you prepared for a possible hike – and a significant one – on postage?

Would it make sense if the price of postage actually becomes very close to UPS, Fedex, etc.?

Might as well– since Conservatives are actively trying to dismantle it, to sell the Postal Service off to “Privatize” it for their FedEx and UPS delivery buddies.

For the love of all that is good, USPS, do NOT buy from ZAP.

Sounds like many here have been burned by Zap’s promises.

Maybe we have too many ‘visionary’ companies and not enough ‘get down to brass tacks’ ones.

ZAP never was a visionary company. If you do some reading up, you get more of the feeling that is is run by crooks who just want to get rich without actually making any products worth making.

Unless things have changed greatly in the years since exposed ZAP as a multi-level marketing scheme… in other words, presuming what’s in the article is true, it’s a scam… then it is astonishing that the U.S. Postal System would seriously considering buying from the company.

Yeah, between ZAP, Aptera, and Better Place, it’s tough to tell which company did the EV world more harm.